Written by Prowlincats

12 May 2007

Auckland, NZ swinging club. Thursday nights it relaxes it's couples only policy and admits a limited number of single men. This is an account of a recent thursday evening visit by my lady, Wild, and I. enjoy...it's all true

Wild and I cruised into Sparty unsure what, if anything, would eventuate as, unusually for us, we were not meeting anyone in particular. But Wild’s favourite, almost only, fantasy is lots of attention from lots of men and, of course, lots of cocks.

In the game of sexual musical chairs that we play, preconceived plans rarely go to according to script, and Wild is, of course, every inch a typically unpredictable woman, so I just go with the flow, well, sometimes, I say with a grin.

We spent a little time with a couple we had become acquainted with the previous Thursday, when we just called in for after-dinner drinks, and to assuage our curiosity about Thursday nights. The couple were busy with friends so we wandered off to amuse ourselves at the pool table. Although I had no idea as I racked the balls, this was to be a momentously important game of pool.

A little background for the reader: Wild had expressed a little concern, a week or so ago, that, lately, we seemed to be having sex with others more than with each other. It seemed just a passing observation at the time, but I now realise it was a genuine worry for her. And adding a little complication was Wild’s flirting, intense flirting, with a single man off NZD for whom she had quickly developed a liking. As we had always, I thought, agreed that we play together, I was more than a little disconcerted at the direction that little fling seemed to be heading.

We are all such delicate souls, are we not?

I racked the balls and fetched the cues. As I handed her a cue, she looked into my eyes and said, in her serious tone, “I don’t want to have sex with any of these men here tonight. I only want to have sex with you.”

I was pleased with her offer. I enjoy sex with her, of couse, and I enjoy having sex with her in more or less public places. I like men and women watching and appreciating the raw intensity and uninhibited expression she brings to almost every sexual occasion.

But before I could convey my thoughts she continued, as she chalked her cue, preparing to break: “You can have sex with another woman here, if you can find one. I don‘t mind.”

I saw red. It was time, I thought, to sort this out, once and for all. Her reaction to what I was about to say would determine whether we retained our hobby and her profile. It could even determine the future of our relationship, if it remained a relationship after this.

What followed was a relatively brief but intense exchange of views, which went something like this: I said I don’t want an open relationship. She said she had experienced that previously and thought I was happy with it. I said I’m not. We play together or we don’t play at all. She understood. We both understand each other much more clearly now; it’s easy for noise to develop in relationships and sometimes a clearing of the air is definitely called for.

We kissed and cuddled and turned to address the pool table. I had an idea. At the end of each player’s turn, I suggested, if at least one ball had been sunk, that player nominates and receives a treat from the other. I enjoyed my nipples being sucked, my belly button nibbled, a lovely short suck on my cock and the wonderful sight of Wild sinking her last ball completely naked, save for her black, knee high boots and black stay-ups She was treated with her titties being sucked, her thighs lightly bitten, her butt kissed, her by now soaking pussy stroked with my tongue and, after I had I sunk my last ball, leaning on the pool table while I fucked her from behind! Then I sunk the black but the white went in-off. That ended the game and we wandered down to a playroom.

I lay on my back and told Wild to plant her pussy on my stiff, eager cock. She duly obliged, and we attracted interest from a couple of single men. One lay on the bed behind us, watching the action intently, while the other leaned against the wall. Both were stroking their cocks.

Wild started to gush, hot squelchy gush. It was becoming a very noisy fuck. The man behind us had moved closer, so close he was almost touching. I asked him his name. It was Gavin. I sensed her mood and told Gavin he was welcome to touch. She loves attention, I said. And I invited the other man, Trevor was his name, he said, to join in.

Picture this: Wild bouncing up and down on my cock, and Trevor and Gavin sucking a tit each. Then they took turns with their cocks in her mouth. Trevor came in her mouth. She’s such a good cock-sucker! And all the time she was riding my cock.

In a short while, during which, really, I ws just resting my cock in Wild's lovely pussy, I noticed Trevor’s cock had hardened up again. Gavin, on the other hand, still required a little more attention. I trusted my intuition and told Wild that Trevor was ready to fuck her. She nodded. Cool, I thought. As he applied a condom, I slipped out from under her and she turned over, positioning herself on her back, ready for Trevor’s cock. He fucked her with fast, urgent strokes. And soon, he came again.

Then it was Gavin’s turn. He was still a little soft but between them they inserted his cock into her pussy where, Wild told me later, it hardened up nicely and, in a little while, he came.

I told her I wanted doggy, so she turned over and I began pummelling a very, very wet pussy. And it became even wetter after I shot my load into it.

Then I saw that Trevor was erect again. What the fuck is he on, I thought! I allowed him to take my place and he stroked his way to his third climax!

Gavin had quietly left. I left Wild and Trevor relaxing on the bed and went to the bar for a while. I had a couple of beers then went and fetched her. We showered and left for a well deserved sleep. What a night!