Written by bainham

18 Jul 2013

well some of you may find this boring or tame but none the less its a dilemma to me... here goes I work as a manager and one of the lasses in my team is a really cute 23yr old , i'm 50 + just, well it all started a few months ago with little innuendos etc but these have become more racy and she is as bad as me, but i am not sure if it will lead anywhere,I have said I know nothing will happen and she just answers 'you never know do you', not really sure if she's just teasing or not though she does get me really hard when i think about our chats, i tell her if she naughty she will get a spank and until the other day never actually did, then there she was bent over no one else around so I spanked her once, expecting a slap or a scream instead she just smiled after about 1/2 hour i said 'how was that not too hard i hope?' she replied no it was just right and what did i do to deserve that?

I told her i could not resist,and it was her fault for teasing, ok she said as long as i know

that's as far as it has gone to date, however i would love to have more fun with her though I am not sure she does, how do you tell?

I think I am going to ask outright but its finding the right time as usually there are others about and I have an open plan 'office' so no real privacy. what do I do? listen if by some one million to one chance you read this and think its you just tell me you've read my dilemma and it will always be a fantasy..... or maybe what I want to hear ... there is a chance, thanks for reading if you got this far