Written by Wishing

15 Sep 2012

Hi all well if you've read my other stories you'll remember how I wanted to get my wife fucked by another guy and she did with an ex works colleague called Steve and how we were going to the Lakes for the weekend and I was hoping to watch or maybe join in the fun whilst E got well and truly fucked - well the weekend has happened and to say E's sexual appetite has increased is an understatement she can't now get enough young cock in her - she's over fifty and seems to love guys in their early twenties.

Anyway we got to Bowness early Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel overlooking Windemere I immediately wanted to fuck her but no she said i'm saving myself for someone else tonight - you have a wank she said but thats all you'll be doing with me this weekend WOW i thought and had to pull one off whilst she went for a bath and to start getting ready.

After her bath she told me to get the baby oil and to give her a massage to relax her and get her juices flowing. Whilst massaging her she was telling me what she hoped to do tonight with any young hung guy that took her eye.

She then started to get dressed, she put a skirt just above the knee on, no knickers again her push up black bra and a lacy top that left nothing to the imagination, god her boobs looked amazing and her cleavage was all on show for all to see.

We went out to an Italian restaurant and immediately all the waiters were over to look at her tits and lots of flirting was going on. I was sat there with a raging hard on listening and watching the suggestive chat that E and the waiters were enjoying. We shared a bottle of wine and that really relaxed us both and obviously started to get E's juices flowing.

We then moved onto a bar - Bodega I think it was called - and got a couple of chairs by the bar and started on the Vodka and Tonics. After a while I noticed E was paying less attention to me and more to a group of guys behind me. I asked her if someone had caught her eye, she said yes and there's a group of them all looking at me.

E then said I'm going to the loo won't be a minute. When E came back she had taken her bra off and her boobs and nipples were there for all to see in the bar - I could have fucked her there and then. After a few more minutes she said you must need to go to the loo and told me to go - strange I thought but went anyway, when I got back I knew why, a couple of the guys had come over to E and already had there hands round her back and whispering in her ears. E introduced me to the guys and said this is my hubby who's fantasy is to watch me getting fucked by another guy do you think you guys would be up to helping me fulfill his fantasy.

Fucking hell one of them said is this for real or a joke - I said no it's for real would you like to come back to our hotel with us and have some fun. They both said yes but what about the other guys (4 of them ) that they were out with. I said no just you two but E said no I want them all I need as much cock and spunk as I can get. I got a little nervous about this and insisted that only these two could come back to which the guys and E reluctantly agreed.

So off we set after saying bye to the other guys - we had only got about 100 yds down the road and E and the guys stopped and started kissing and fondling each other. E then dropped to her knees and unzipped one of the guys and started sucking him off at the side of the road - luckily it was quiet now but I honestly dont think they were bothered anyway. The other guy got behind E and slipped a couple of finger up her skirt and obviously up her cunt as she let out a loud groan as she came on his fingers straight away.

I said we had better get back to the hotel and carry this on there. We enterd the gardens of the hotel and E then pulled one of the guys over to a tree and said I want you to fuck me here now, I want to feel your cum in me now. He didn't need asking twice and immediately got his cock out bent E over and just rammed it into her in one go. The other guy got round the front of E and lifted her top off and passed it to to me leaving her virtually naked getting fucked outside, he then got his cock out and fed it into E's mouth she was now getting spit roasted with me watching on and also watching out for anybody passing by. At this point I was so hard I just had to get my cock out and start wanking. This was way beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped for and was wanking furiously as the guy up her cunt tensed up and came inside her, making E let out a loud groan that anybody within half a mile would have heard.

The guy the took his softening cock out of E and the other one stopped fucking her mouth and came round and stuck his cock straight up her gaping sloppy cunt. The first guy came round to E's face and she started sucking him clean. At this point I could hold back no longer and shot my cum all over the floor just as the second guy tensed and emptied his ball inside E. After a little more kissing and fingering we all had a bit of a reality check and realised where we were and that anybody could come past and catch us. E got dressed and I said are we all going back to our room - E said no I've had enough for now and think the guys should leave us - funnily enough they did not seemed too dissapointed just giving E a kiss and telling me what a horny slag I had for a wife and how lucky I was.

We virtually ran back to the room and stripped each other and I went down and licked all the cum out of her cunt and from down her legs. Her cunt was absolutely gaping and full of sweet sticky cum I was in heaven and could not lap it up quickly enough. E then said you still cant fuck me and we are going to do the same again tomorrow night but this time I'm going to bring any guy I pull back here and leave you in the bar whilst he fucks me sensless and you won't be allowed back until he has gone.

This was turning out to be the best weekend we have ever had and was opening up a new wonderful chapter in our lives.

I think I may be a cuck and just can't wait for lots more of this.