29 Mar 2017

‘Will you write one of your little stories?’ she asked as she was getting ready to leave for home. ‘Of course, do you like my stories?’ ‘Oh yes!’

This was on Friday evening. It was a mere 9 days since, while browsing the ads, I found one that was quite local – large female, with someone, looking for a straight male and is interested in threesomes. I’ve not previously had any luck with adverts but ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ so I sent off a reply.

The reply was very quick and very encouraging, followed by a rapid fire exchange culminating in giving me her mobile number – we met that evening at a discreet car park, just us two for starters. She looked so good as she slipped from her car to mine Pretty face carefully made up, not overdone and dressed to impress. The knitted wrap she wore parted to show a tight fitting low cut top revealing a lot of her breasts.

Brief hellos and a peck on the lips. ‘You like?’ ‘Oh yes’ as I cupped and caressed her. We managed to partially release one breast showing its scrumptious nipple while she struggled a bit to get my cock in hand. ‘Shall we go back to yours?’ and so she followed me home.

A big heavy clinch as soon as we were inside. ‘Coffee?’ ‘No thanks’ heading up stairs. Mmmmm, she knows what she wants and how to get it, between us we’d stripped naked inside a minute, She wasn’t kidding when she said she was big (fat was how she described herself, who was I to argue) But, nice legs, pretty face and those tits (she prefers the more robust words so tits, arse, cunt, cock and fuck) dominated the rest. As she pulled down my pants she knelt and demonstrated how to suck cock. Then some general fondling and mauling (those tits again and nips like organ stops, dark and a good 2 cm long. Then my turn to do the oral honours to her surprisingly neat cunt, so smooth , especially for me she said. We must have played in this way, on and off the bed, for 20 mins or so then I asked if maybe it was time to get out the condoms (a pre-requisite). ‘Would you like me to put it on?’ and, as I lay on my back, she mounted me and worked her cunt over my cock – god I love a woman riding me, tits swaying (sorry, those tits and nips again, I can’t help it), fantastic.

For the next hour we sucked and fucked with doggy producing the biggest moans and gasps from both of us. All too soon it was after eight, she had to go. ‘We must meet again, soon’ from both of us. ‘Will you write one of your little stories?’