Written by Jane

14 Sep 2009

Hi folks,When I left of last time I had just been fucked by my Window cleaners hubby and he had photos to make sure I would do as I was told.

I got on my knees and crawled across the carpet to him he smiled as I took his cock in my mouth and proceded to suck it very good he said I think this is going to be very good I love the idea of a rich white woman doing what I want what do you think he said,I nodded my head as I sucked his cock.

He then picked me up and tossed me on the bed Right I want you to beg me to fuck you ,Please Andy fuck me I want you I said getting on my knees.A bit more I think he smiled, please Andy shove your black cock up me now I said getting on my hands and knees take me as your bitch I said and barked.

He laughed and walking up he rammed his cock straight up me thats a good girl now you keep barking as we get you used to your new position in life ok I gasped and he gave me a massive smack on my behind I did not tell you to talk just bark bitch he shouted my backside was hot and stinging but I carried on barking for about 30 minutes untill he came in me again .He pushed me on my baack now suck it bitch he said I looked at him and barked he smiled and said good girl you can talk now after you have cleaned me up ,I suck him for about 5 minutes and he started to get hard again.He laid on the bed and told me to get him a cold drink so I walked over and went to put my dressing gown on .You dont need that he said as you are get me a drink ,but Andy my Gardener might be in the back and will see me I said .So he replied just go.

I went down stairs and peeped round the kitchen I could not see anyone so I ran to the fridge as I opened the door the side door opened I looked round there was my gardener staring at me. Sorry mrs jane he said I just came in for a cold drink .I pushed a beer at him and told him to knock next time he looked me up and down grinned and walked out the door .

I ran upstairs and told Andy what had happened he laughed and said Good I might have to have you make me some dinner yet keep your gardener happy .I bet you have teased him in you swimwear before now he said I blushed as that was always something I did to him in the summer it used to be great watching him mow the lawn with a hard on in his shorts

Now back on the bed he said as I laid back he opened my legs and started to lick round my pussy I started to moan as his tongue went deeper in side me and he started to run his hands around my breasts slowly giving my nipples the attention that they love .Please Andy fuck me I moaned are you enjoying that he replied ,Yes fuck me now I gasped, sorry cant hear you he grinned at me Fuck me you wan*** I screamed at the top of my voice He shoved his cock in and told me to beg .Fuck me with that cock of yours I want to be your bitch and have your children I screamed the words out .I was totatally out of control all I wanted was for him to keep fucking me .What did I care at that point about marriage and standing I just wanted him doing what he was doing .

He laughed and putting my feet on his shoulders he fucked me deeper than I had ever felt anyone fuck me I just screamed and screamed and as he came in me we just collasped on the bed and I just kept telling him how good it was and could not stop kissing him .

After about 10 minutes he told me he had to go but he would be back next week .he kissed me and walked out I lay there thinking how my life had changed what about my husband when I heard my name being called I went downstairs and there was my Gardener drinking my sherry in the front room .

What do you think you are doing I hissed at him ,Oh I dont know he said thought we might discuss your friend who has just left ,Thats none of your buissness I said get out now ,sorry he said but hearing you in the garden just now has given me a itch and it needs seeing to and standing up he dropped his shorts and showed me that erection I had teased so many times .Now I think you had better suck this so I can keep my mouth shut he smiled