12 Aug 2015

I wasn't in work until late so treated myself to a lie in. I had left my curtains ajar the night before and was awoken to the sound of the window cleaners ladders in the back garden. I was only in short shorts and a little vest that my 34 E tits were straining through. I was about to get up and leave the window cleaner to it until the thought of him seeing me naked really made me wet. I made sure I led on top of my cover, face down and placed my shorts in a way to reveal my perk ass and opened the curtains a little bit more.

I heard the ladders on the wall, knowing full well he could see my ass when he got to the top. I casually turned over and made sure I pushed my tits out. I could feel his eyes all over me and this just made me wetter. I opened my eyes to catch his bemused face and gave him a look to make sure he knew he was allowed to look. He was abit older than me but not bad looking. I started to circle my nipples through my top and could feel them getting harder through my vest. My hands wondered to my wet pussy and made sure I slipped my shorts to the side so he could see my shaven pussy. The window cleaner was clearly now frustrated, I took my vest off and indicated id be down to let him, he rushed down the ladder at this point.

I opened the back door and was desperate for him by this point, no time for conversation. He went straight for my huge tips, taking my nipple in his mouth, nibbling on it to make my cry out. He lifted me on the counter in the kitchen and I dragged his tshirt off and was surprised by the body underneath. I grabbed at his belt and pushed his jeans down to reveal a moderate sized cock, nice and hard already. He asked if id like him to shove his fingers up me, i was desperate for his touch right now. I lent in to kiss him, he kissed my back hard and fast, I was hoping he liked it hard and rough. He shoved 2 fingers in straight off, making me kiss him harder, hands all over him.

I jumped off the counter and asked him if he thought I was a slut, he said yes with no hesitation- I love being called a slut, it turns me on. I went down on his throbbing cock, he called me a slut again and I just got deeper on his cock. After a few minutes he pushed me away saying he wanted to come inside me. We went into the dinning room and he put me on the table, he pushed my shorts to the side and start to lick and tease my clit, it felt so good. He tried to take my shorts down but I instructed to keep them to one side- It makes me feel more like the slut I am. He slid inside me and started fucking me long and hard. My tits started bouncing and I cried out in pure pleasure. He kept calling me a slag and asking what I was... obviously a slut a replied back.

I peeled myself off the table and bought him to the sofa, i pushed him down and straddled myself over his hard cock. I managed to strokes before he dragged me off saying he hadnt told me to move on his, he got me over his lap and spanked me 3 times, he then bent me over the arm of the sofa and fucked me hard. I came hard, legs shaking under his hard spunk. We both collasped onto the sofa. He then got up to back to work and I went for a shower, making sure I asked him to clean the bathroom windows next. I am already looking forward to the next time our windows are due to be cleaned.