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Window cleaners part 3

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I saw there van pull into the drive so took off my dress, and opened the door, Jon came toward me he had a bag in his hand , on your own I asked, for now he said, put your dress on we’re going for a walk today, where to I asked , the woods. I got dressed and followed him, have a look at your windscreen , I turned there was a piece of paper under the windscreen wipers facing out, I walked over it was a picture of me sucking a cock, what the hell is this, a reminder that we can tell all of your neighbours about you, so if you don’t follow the rules we’ll tell everyone. I didn’t know what to do except keep going . what’s in the bag I asked, a surprise, We walked for a while through the woods, ok we stop here he took a scarf out of the bag again, blindfold time he said, Why do we need to do this I asked, because he answered. He tied the scarf over my eyes and lead me by the hand for I guess 5 minutes, ok stop here, he lifted my dress over my head , god I love your body he said and gave my nipple a tweet , step forward he said there is a bench , just a mo , kneel on the seat he had put something on it for me to kneel on, now lean over the table ,, again something for me to lean onI heard another voice, hi Chris Jon said, are we ready Chris asked almost Jon said, what’s going on I asked, you’ll find out in a mo, put your legs wide apart he tied something to my ankle it felt heavy he then tied something to my other ankle , what is that, it’s a restrainer, try putting your legs together I couldn’t, put them wider apart I heard a click try again he said I was stuck with my legs as wide apart as I could, now put your hands over the table , I obliged they put some string around my wrists, what are you doing now, please don’t tie my hands don’t be afraid, I couldn’t move my hands , are the others coming Jon asked Chris said almost here, what is this I said , we’ll we’re very sharing people so we’ve invited a few friends along . I heard voices I couldn’t tell how many , now said Chris you need to be a very good girl today, as he rubbed my gaping pussey, he had something wet on his hand , what’s that? Just some jell to help proceedings. , there were hands running up my legs caressing my cheeks and dipping into me, can I start I heard a voice, all yours Chris said I heard what sounded like a belt buckle and flies undo, I felt a cock slide up and down my pussey and bottom , he held my hips and pulled me toward him entered my pussey and drove hard I lifted into the air and came , he took a bit longer then stood back, next up said Jon, we’re doing alternates, what I asked, you’ll see he said , the next cock slid into my bottom , I wriggled , be a good girl said Chris so I moved up and down a bit , he came in me and stood back , who’s next, how many I said, you’ll have to keep count, could somebody put some of that cream on me , I was covered in cream all over my bottom and pussey, then another slid in this time he put his fingers in my bottom as well I instantly came again he pushed hard I could feel his balls slapping against me , I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this, he finished then another this time it was huge it slid into my bottom a few strokes then into my pussey a few more strokes, he kept this going for a while I could feel the intensity growing I pushed back hard and came while he was stroking my bottom he jerked hard and came as well, I slumped down, do you need a drink someone said , yes please they gave me some water, I really can’t do any more of this , almost done one of them said, I think it was three more , somebody slapped my bottom and said good girl bye for now. I was untied and could stood up at last , was very sore, Jon took off my blindfold and handed my my dress, where is everybody , they’ve left . We’ll take you home, on the way Jon asked if I like to see something, he got out his phone , they’d taken a video , I could only see the back of the person with me but he had close ups of the action, what are you going to do with that, keep for us to watch, we got back to my house , see you in a couple of weeks, next time have some make up on ready to go out, they left I needed a very hot bath to recover, I was sore for several days after …

Written by Karenmm

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