Written by kenny2005

27 Jan 2009

Its been a few years since ive been able to try out my bi side again....until recently that is. I decided i\'d try finding someone on SH rather than crusing the local dogging spots, and running the risk of getting nabbed by the old bill. After a few speculative emails I found a guy who lived fairly local, could accom and had a big cock. Until now, ive only had a few small cocks and one average sized one. I\'d been gagging to try a big one for ages, and here was my chance. I drove the few miles to his, parked up outside and walked to his door, my heart thumping in my chest with the excitement.

Joe opened the door and invited me in. His robe was open and I got a nice view of his gorgeous big cock, sporting a semi....,mmmmm. We wasted no time. I stripped naked and offered my twitching 7.5 incher to him, he offered his 9 incher to me. We stood there wanking each others cocks, I was loving this, it was so warm and meaty in the palm of my hand. He pumped me hard and motioned towards my cock...I nodded, smiled and i watched his head decend to waist level. He sucked me, getting deeper with each stroke...grunting his appreciation, which turned me on even more.

I was getting close and I wanted my turn sucking his enormous throbbing dick. I pulled his head backwards and motioned to him to stand up. I was on my knees in seconds. I slowly wanked his cock, rubbing his bell end all over my face, slapping it across my face enjying the weight and feel of him. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid his massive dick down my throat, as far at my throat would allow.....I gagged, but forced my head down further until i had to pull away....slobbering down my chin, tears filling my eyes......AMAZING!

I set to work pumping away at his cock. I pulled away long enough to tell him how I like it. \"I want you to fuck my mouth, while holding my hair....force your cock down my throat and make me gag\"

He wasted no time and fucked my mouth, but not hard enough. I slapped his arse a couple of times which made him thrust harder. My cock swelled, the excitment in my stomach exploded and I almost cum on the spot. I couldnt help myself I wanted to cum.....but i wanted to make him cum first.

Ive never had a guy cum in my mouth, ive always bottled it. I did again this time, pulling him out of my mouth just as he released his load. I took some on my face, the rest ran down my chest and thighs.....damm!

Once he recovered he was straight back on my cock. I didnt last long and he swallowed the lot......mmmm

I dressed, shook his hand and promised I\'d call him soon for re-run. He has agreed to take a few photos of me sucking on his huge cock next time. I might even swallow his cum. Ive also been thinking about letting him take my virgin arse, but his massive cock scares me. I\'ll keep you all updated ;-)