Written by Always horny

31 Mar 2016

So I arrive at the entrance of a local wood area, I walk in and don't really see anyone around so see a low tree branch or fallen tree so take a seat. Sitting there a while I always get a little bit horny thinking about what could happen if a sexy woman was to join me. I always start to watch a bit of porn on my phone. Mmmm my cock straining to be released.

A woman approaches to my surprise she is not shy at all. She walks upto me and asks do I have the time..I reply yes it's time you showed me your sexy body. Wow she simply smiles and undoes her coat to reveal her dressed in sexy underwear and my mouth drops my cock ever harder. I step up to her and feel the soft Ness of her tips and cup her pussy giving it a little rub .

To she reply by grabbing my hard cock and saying I would like to suck that. Simply I just pulled out my cock before I had any chance to check if anyone was around she was kneeling and ducking. OMG she was good , I started to cup and squeeze her breasts and ran my hand down her bum hand under the string of her thong circling her asshole and continuing to her wet sexy pussy rubbing her clot parting her pussy lips sliding a cheeky finger easily in mmmmm making her suck my dick even harder..

She stopped stood up and said I should taste that pussy.. so I sat her on the tree branch and she spread her legs to reveal HEAVEN and I wasted no time as I kissed and linked and sucked her warm clip mmmm running my tongue up an down her wet pussy lips sliding my tongue into her pussy. Mmmmm nice.

After she was moaning for more I stood up grazing my cock I slid it to tease her clit and it slid straight into her wet pussy I was pounding her pussy and ducking her tips for all I was worth till I shot my load deep inside her warm pussy. As we relaxed foe a while enjoying the moment I asked if I could have her number but she said nothing and stood up and slid her knickers down and folded them up and placed them on my pocket and whispered in my ear I want these back same time next week...........mmmm mm I wish