Written by Hot Stacey

4 Sep 2013

I had finished a hard day’s work with my presentation and was worn out, ready for the long journey home tomorrow I return to my hotel with the intention of packing and getting an early night. What the hell I think, I’ll have a quick drink in the bar before I start packing my case.

It’s a warm evening after all and after such a successful trip for a 21 year old sales woman I deserve to let me hair down and relax for a while! I realise I may get some attention in the bar seeing as my skirt is fairly short and my top reveals what could be seen as “too much” but who cares!

While I’m sitting there enjoying my Vodka I notice a few guy’s looking over and taking note of my short skirt and leg’s when I notice an older man walk in, he glances over at me and smiles on his way to the bar, I can’t help but notice he’s a lot older than me but very attractive! He looks over several times while he’s getting his drink and I’m thinking to myself what will I say if he comes over, I’d like him too come over but that’s so wrong! What would my husband say! I can’t do it but he’s so attractive for an older man.

He’s walking toward me now with a drink in each hand, he smiles and say’s “Hi, I’m Ed” Oh my, his voice is so sexy, It suites his appearance and all of a sudden I can feel my heart beating faster and faster, my nipples are getting erect and oh my! I can feel the moisture building between my leg’s! This has never happened to me before. Not the first time I meet a guy anyway!

Hi I say, I’m Stacey and it’s very nice to meet you. Here Stacey, I hope you don’t mind but I see your drink is nearly finished so I took the liberty of getting you another, Ed said. I don’t mind at all Ed, that’s very kind, please sit down and join me I say. Oh my, this amazing handsome man has bought me a drink. I have no idea what he’s expecting in return but at this moment in time I don’t care! This man is so hot for an older guy and what is he doing to me, there are parts of my body tingling that I didn’t know could tingle like this! As we sip our drinks and chat away it feels like we’ve known each other for ever!

We talk, we laugh, we flirt and as the drinks slowly get finished and it gets dark outside I don’t know what comes over me but I invite this handsome man to my room for a nightcap! Of course he agrees without any hesitation and we leave together.

I open the door to my room and gesture for him to come in, I close the door behind us and stupidly considering the length of my skirt and forgetting how small the thong I’m wearing is I bend over to slip my shoes off, when I get back up I turn round to see Ed with his jaw nearly on the floor and slowly a bulge getting bigger and bigger in his pants! Oh, I’m sorry, did I embarrass you? I don’t know what I was thinking! I’m sorry Ed, Ed just says nothing. He walks over to me and plants a kiss on my lips.

Oh my... I think, the damp patch on my thong is turning into a very wet patch, I lean forward and we kiss again, this time with passion and lust, our lips pressed together and our body’s pressing against each other, I can feel the bulge in his pants now and his rock hard cock is digging into my thigh! We’re kissing more and more passionately now, our hands all over each other’s body’s! I run my hand down his thigh and back up again to feel his erection through his pants! I know this is wrong I think but I can’t resist!

I undo his pants to reveal his rock solid cock and start gently moving my hand back and forward, with that he runs his hand along my leg and up my skirt until he reaches my now soaking wet pussy, he looks into my eyes and say’s “Oh Stacey, your soaking” I can hardly breathe with the excitement and just about manage to say “I know and I want you”. He leads me to the bed and slowly removes first his and then my clothes, I take a long look at his hard cock and I feel like my pussy is dribbling now! I’m so, so horny now, I lay on the bed with my legs apart and he lays on top of me, I can feel his cock pushing against my pussy but he’s not letting it enter me, instead he’s now kissing my neck and slowly moving down to my breasts and licking and sucking on my nipples that are now fully erect, I’m squirming with ecstasy as he nipples on them!

I now take control and roll Ed over so he’s laid on his back with his erection stood tall I move down and tease his hard cock with my tongue! I carry this on until I see in his face it’s driving him wild then I take his whole cock into my mouth and start sucking and sucking on it, sucking faster and faster, I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and with a loud moan he shoots a full load straight down my throat nearly choking me but I don’t waste a drop and swallow every last bit!

I lay on the bed and tell him “now it’s my turn”, he starts kissing me again but this time he moves his hand down to my pussy and starts rubbing it, gently to start with then building the pace until I start breathing heavier and small moans between breaths, all of a sudden he slides one, then two fingers inside me, all the time still kissing me, I’m panting and moaning now and he says he wants to taste me and moves his head between my legs and starts running his tongue all around my pussy, starting with my clit and moving it up and down so he’s going from me clit to my hole and back again.

He slides a finger back inside me and starts fingering me faster and faster and now he’s licking my clit and the same time, he’s swirling his tongue round and round on my little clit and fingering me harder and faster than anyone ever has before, I can’t take it, I can feel the most intense orgasm building inside me and I explode! I cum so hard and my juices gush from my tight hole straight into my open mouth and he licks every single bit from my hole! He looks up and says “Stacey, you taste amazing” I smile and although slightly embarrassed that I squirted so much I look him in the eye and say “I need you inside me right now” he doesn’t need to be told twice and he slides his body up mine and his still solid cock slips easily into my dripping cunt!

He starts off slowly and passionately and his pace starts to increase until he’s pounding in and out of me, I’m nearly screaming now and this big hard cock is fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before! I feel another orgasm building and I ask him to take me from behind. With no argument he withdraws his tool and allows me to bend over in front of him. He comments on how sexy my ass is and then rams his cock deep inside me, I’ve never felt a cock this deep in my pussy and it makes me moan so loud.

He starts fucking me hard and fast and he’s reaching round and caressing my tit’s that are now bouncing back and forward in time with his long had thrusts and I can’t take it anymore! He makes me cum again; more intense than the first time and I feel my juices dripping off his cock! I’m laid on my back again now and he’s once again thrusting in and out, I can see in his eye’s he’s close and this is confirmed when in a breathy voice he tells me he’s about to cum again, I tell him to look into my eyes and cum deep inside me, I feel his whole body tense and his eye’s look so sexy, I hold him tight, my arms around his back as he shoots and shoots his hot spunk deep inside me with so much force I can feel every bit shooting from his cock and hitting the deepest spot in my pussy.

Eventually he regains enough energy to roll off me; he looks straight into my eyes and tells me he’s never cum so hard. I admit to him I’ve never squirted like that ever and it was amazing! We giggle together, look into each other’s eyes and kiss, slowly and passionately, our naked body’s pressed closely together, we lie like that in each other’s arms and fall asleep together.