Written by Ian

7 Jul 2011

Seeing a story on here about an experience with a doctor reminded me of an event that took place many years ago. I am an old man now, but when I was seventeen I joined the Navy it was just before the end of the War, I won't bother you with any more about that apart from telling you about the accident that led to me being invalided out when I had just turned twenty. I was an engine mechanic in the Fleet Air Arm but as is usual with most servicemen tradesmen or not, at times I had to do other things, on this occasion I was with a party working in the Docks in Valletta, Malta. Unknown to us where we were working clearing the reuslts of the bombing in one of the workshops when somebody picked up a small bomb. He was a real berk not realising what it was, he threw it out onto a pile of broken masonry and it went off. No-one was really close as it happened but, unfortunately, a shard of metal shot out of the rubble and speared my right leg although I was about thirty yards away. Off to hospital I went and, to cut a long story short, I was eventually repatriated to England and to a hospital near my home.

I was lucky the deep cut missed the main artery (and my wedding tackle!) but for some reason simply would not heal properly, the doctors thought that perhaps there was something on the metal that was poisoning my leg. In the end they opened it all up again and deep cleaned the wound, it worked and it began to heal, by this time I was out on a small pension and back in civvy street. I still had to visit my doctor regularly, the first time I went to see him, he was a nice old boy and I'd always got on well with him, imagine my surprise when the doctor turned out to be a woman! She was good looking with and excellent figure and I thought she was in her early thirties, she explained that my old doctor had retired and that she had bought the practice from him.

After the sort of experience that you got, I imagine in any of the services, I wasn't shy when asked to drop my trousers and briefs so that she could see what she had to deal with. She murmured, 'Mmm, that's nice,' and got on examining the wound after my explanation of how I'd received it. She gently held my genitals to one side as she unwrapped the badages and had a look, 'Mmm,' she went, 'seems to be healing nicely now, but it does need to be dressed again, just stay there a minute and I'll do it.' In those days there were no practice nurses, the doctors did it all themselves. She soon assembled what she wanted and delicately held my cock while she cleaned the wound and redressed it, 'Hope I'm not embarrassing you,' she murmured. I laughed, I said, 'I'm not very sexually experienced, Doc, but more women have seen what you're playing with when I was in the Navy, than you could shake a stick at!' She blushed and said, 'Well at least they got a nice one to look at!' That surprised me I can tell you! So I said, 'You must have seen loads of men's tackle, Doc, so what's so special about mine?' She was working away at re-bandaging me and replied, 'That's true, and I can tell you that a really nice looking cock is the exception, not the rule! Anyway, you're a good-looking young man, how come you're so inexperienced?' 'Where I was,' I told her, 'the local girls were out of bounds and the Wrens were for officers only, I was only seventeen when I went in, are you really so surprised?'

'Not really I suppose,' she replied, 'pity about your leg though, there's no way you can have intercourse until that's well healed.' She finished bandaging then bent and kissed my cock, you could have knocked me over with a feather! She then handled it for a minute or two and continued, 'I bet you could do with some er.... well... sort of activity, couldn't you?' I nodded, speechless. Then she went on, 'Where do you live?' I told her she said, 'Where's that, I'm pretty new to this area?' So I told her, 'I have a flat there, my parents bought it.' 'How nice,' she said, 'I think you could do with a home visit, couldn't you?' The bells really rang then as I cottoned on, 'I certainly could!' 'How about after surgery on Friday?' 'Great!' I said, in modern parlance I was totally 'gob-smacked' really.

Come Friday evening after carefully washing myself, couldn't have a proper shower or bath with my leg the way it was, I waited. About seven o'clock the bell rang and I took the lift down and let the doctor in then took her up to my flat. She had a look round, 'Very nice,' she said. 'It is,' I informed her, 'this building was finished just after the war started, hence the lift, one of the few available at that time I imagine, my parents intended to live here, but when the war started my Dad had to go elsewhere to work. So it was empty until I came back.' 'What a lucky boy you are, Ian,' the doctor said, she moved close and, putting her arms around me, kissed me passionately. When we broke, I was breathless, 'What brought that on?' I asked. 'Frustration!' she replied, 'Where's the bedroom?' I walked her to my room then showed her the second bedroom as well, 'Where's the linen cupboard?' she asked, I told her and she disappeared and returned with a two big towels. She lay them on the bed in the spare room and told me to strip and proceeded to do the same herself. I'd been right about her figure, everything was in proportion, she had smallish breasts tipped with pinkish brown aureoles and nipples, womanly hips and a prominent mound and her fanny was shaved, she also had great legs. 'That's unusual,' I commented, I'd never seen a shaved cunt before.' 'Much more hygenic,' she said, 'my name's Eve, I'll tell you what I want then I'll do whatever you want.'

'What's all this about, Eve?' I asked, my cock beginning to harden. 'I told you, I'm very frustrated, I was married but he was killed just at the end of the War, I haven't had sex since and I've found out that I need it.' She kissed me again and took hold of my cock, 'You're such a nice boy and you have a beautiful cock, it aroused me in the surgery today and I thought we could do each other a favour.' 'I'm all for that!' I replied. 'Good!' she said, 'of course what I really need is a good fucking.' I suppose I must have looked shocked at her language because she laughed and said, 'I can tell you don't know much about doctors! I never use medical terms in my private life, my husband loved it.' I came to, too.

'I guess you like caressing breasts and kissing nipples so we can start with that,' Eve said. It was pure pleasure, by now my cock was fully erect and as hard as iron, we kissed and then I did as she suggested, the she murmured as I kissed her nipples, 'Suck them, darling.' So I did, it obviously worked because she squirmed around a bit before saying, 'Have you ever kissed a woman's cunt?' I shook my head, 'Well you're going to now!' She made me lay on my back and knelt over my head, then she lowered herself until her cunt was in close proximity to my mouth. I kissed it, she was just slightly moist, 'Oh, darling, I love it! Use your tongue please!' She pleaded. I had no idea really what to do, so I just licked her, her lips had been more or less closed, now they swelled and parted so that I was licking inside. She began to pant, 'Push it in me!' she gasped, 'Fuck me with it!' I had never tasted a woman before, what I thought would be quite unpleasant wasn't. As I did as she asked she got wetter and wetter until her juice was running out. 'Oh God,' she cried out, 'do you know what a clitoris is?' I came up for air and shook my head. Using her hand she showed me a a longish bump up near where her cunt lips met, 'This is it, lick it, suck it!' I did and she convulsed as I sucked at it, she moaned and cried out her whole body going rigid in spasms. Then I drew back and she subsided, 'That's the best thrill I have ever experienced,' she told me, 'you are such a lovely boy!'

I realised that that was how she thought of me, and why wouldn't she? She was probably twice my age and I must have seemed very young to her. 'That was wonderful, Ian, could you do it again?' She lowered herself once more and the next long minutes I licked and sucked at her cunt and this thing she called a clitoris, in the end she forced me to stop, 'I'm exhausted, darling, exhausted, you've made me cum so much.' Just rest until I've got myself together and I'll do the same for you!'

While we rested I asked her what a clitoris was, 'Well,' she started, 'most girls call it their 'little man in a boat' because it looks a bit like that. It's actually an organ which a woman has and is the only organ in the human body that is there solely for pleasure.' Something more I had learned! My face was slick with her juice which was also running down her thighs and round her bottom. After a minute or two she knelt over me, playing with my cock then kissing it. It felt great but not half as exciting as what she did next - she held my cock and gently put it to her mouth and began sucking it. I'd never felt anything like that but the pleasure increased dramatically when she sucked it into her mouth, she sucked hard and swirled her tongue all round it until I felt the sap rising, 'Oh God, I'm going to cum!' I gasped. She slipped it out for a moment, 'Just let it go!' she said and sucked it back in again. Two minutes later, with a groan I came. I've always shot my spunk hard and there's always plenty of it, to my amazement she gulped it down frantically, even so some escaped from the corners of her mouth. She let go of my cock and it slipped out, softening rapidly, she kissed it. Then she knelt up over me again, 'See what you do for me?' she panted, her juice was running out of her cunt, some down her thighs but a lot just straight out, almost as if she was peeing. She kissed me, I could taste my spunk on her.

We calmed down and she asked me how I felt, 'Wonderful,' I replied, 'I've never experienced anything like that before!' 'Good, I knew we couldn't fuck, but that was the next best thing, wasn't it?' I smiled, 'Certainly was,' I said. After a few minutes she said, 'Come on, let me clean you up.' We went to the bathroom and she thoroughly washed every part of me except my injured leg then I watched as she showered, her fingers seemed to linger on her cunt. When she realised that I was watching she said, 'What's the matter, didn't you know that women masturbate?' 'I didn't, I suppose that means girls do it too?' Eve laughed, 'Of course they do, you silly boy!' She stepped out of the shower and began drying herself, 'Now then, what I want you to do...'she broke off, 'I expect that you want to keep on doing this with me?' 'Of course, it's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me!' 'Well, what I want you to do then is not to come into the surgery again, unless obviously it's for something other than your leg, and I'll get the District Nurse to come and dress your injury, that will quell any possibility of scandal. I will of course come and see you here, because I want to carry on too, until you are completely better, then I want to be fucked. I've had that lovely cock in my mouth I desperately want it in my cunt!'

And that was how we left it, my leg was dressed every Thursday by the District Nurse, that became interesting too, but that's another story!

Every Friday evening Eve came. We thoroughly enjoyed our sex games to the extent that, after a while she stayed all night and we spent the Saturday together too. The big snag was that we couldn't be seen out together. In the end Eve solved that one, she could drive so she bought a car and we went to a town some distance away and enjoyed our days out together. After about three months Eve wrote to me with an appointment at the surgery, she had a look at my leg and pronounced it cured, true there was a big red weal along the scar but she told me that it would almost certainly fade. That week she came on the Friday evening bearing a bottle of wine and I cooked my one dish, Spaghetti Bolognaise, which I had learned how to cook in Malta. I had never had wine before and I have to say it tasted pretty sour to me! But she persisted over the weeks that followed, 'educating my palate' she said and I got to quite like it.

After that first Friday night when we fucked for the first time it was marvellous. We did all the things we were used to doing and when Eve came she begged me to put my cock up her. She gasped amd cried out as I gently inserted it and gradually pushed it deep into her until my balls were trapped against her bun. She grabbed me, her fingers digging into my back and gasped, 'Now fuck me, fuck me!' I did. I managed to last for a good ten minutes, I'd been, unknown to her, getting some practice in with the young District Nurse! Naughty me! But she loved what she got and screamed out when I shot my load up her and was absolutely amazed when ten minutes later I fucked her again. Not only that but as the night went on I kept waking her,pushing my cock up her from behind letting her fuck herself on it until I came again. God knows how many times we did it, all I know is that it was twelve o'clock before I woke in the morning.

After that when she visited me we tried all the positions we could think of, she simply could not get enough. As I was also still fucking the Nurse I was sure getting plenty, in fact I lost weight, which wasn't a bad thing for a while for I had put on quite a lot due to being more or less unable to exercise. However, Eve became concerned in the end and she cut down on the amount of cock she was getting.

It all came to a shuddering halt after a few months when, after weeks of trying, I finally got a job. The snag was that it wasn't local and I had to move away, cue two women in floods of tears, but I was sure that now Eve had got the monkey off her back she would soon find someone else and Mary, the District Nurse was fucking someone else all the time as well so she wasn't too upset.

If anyone had asked me before all this happened about what I thought doctors were like I would never had said that I thought they were a load of lecherous devils, perhaps they weren't but I somehow bet that there are plenty like Eve.