Written by LUCKYJIM

5 Jan 2008

My wife Eve and I have a very open and exciting sex life that includes swinging, dogging and threesomes.

A couple of years ago Eve met up with a guy from work for some fun without telling me. After what she describes as some horny sessions she asked if I fancied a threesome with this guy she had met through work I agreed and it was only after we had met up a few times that Eve confessed to their previous encounters. I have to admit Eve and I went through a rocky patch but eventually things returned to normal.Eve`s little adventure had made her even more determined to please me in the bedroom and we were soon making up for lost time.

Six months ago an old friend of Eve`s came round for a coffee.

Ann had recently divorceed her husband and was eager to get back on the dating scene. The girls talked all night and when we went to bed Eve was keen to tell me about their chat.

Basically Ann was desperate for some cock and despite her efforts had not found anyone suitable to satisfy her needs.

Ann has always had a soft spot for me and during their conversation had said that she needs to meet someone like me.

Eve began to stroke my cock which began to react, \" so I was thinking , why don`t you pop round Ann`s one evening and satisfy her needs \" Before I had a chance to reply Eve`s mouth was around my cock. The thought of fucking Ann and her gorgeous curvy body soon had me pumping my load deep into Eve`s throat. Eve then positioned herself for me to go down on her, as I did so she began to tell me how it would turn her on to know I was fucking someone else, while she waited at home with her vibrator imagining what we were doing. I would then have to come home and pleasure Eve while telling her what Ann and I had been up to. Eve began to scream with pleasure as my tongue licked at her clit.

A week later and I was sitting in my car outsides Ann`s house. I got a message through from Eve telling me she was in the bedroom with all her toys, I replied that I was about to knock at the door.

Ann answered and was genuinely surprised to see me. I gave her the package Eve gave to me and said Eve said you might find this useful. She invited me in and opened the jiffy bag.

She laughed and showed me the dvd that was inside. It was one of our horniest porn films. I ceased the opportunity by saying what a good choice Eve had made but that the film had a habit of freezing at the wrong moment. Better check it out replied Ann and put it straight into the machine. The film had been playing for a couple of minutes and the scene was a well endowed guy with two girls having sex by a pool.

I could feel my cock getting harder, there was some small talk between us the usual stuff how big the guy was, how slim the girls were etc etc. Ann then looked at my bulging cock and said if you dont leave I am going to have to get rid of that for you. I undid my trousers and said feel free.

Ann hesitated no I cant she replied Eve`s my friend. Its ok Eve knows I replied, despite it sounding so cheesy.

Ann unzipped my trousers and we began kissing, her hands were soon inside my pants and she was rubbing the pre cum all over my cock. We were soon both naked and my hands were all over her curvy but firm 30 year old body. We laid on the floor and were in the 69 position with Ann on top as my tongue lapped up her juices , my hands parted her arse to give my tongue access to her tight bum hole. She stopped sucking my cock and concentrated on enjoying the oral I was giving her. As my tongue probed her arse her moaning increased. She pushed her cunt down onto my tongue bucking hard as she came. She got up and sat in a chair opening her legs as wide as she could. Her neatly trimmed bush was just waiting to be fucked. Fuck me please, fuck me hard she said as she held her legs high and wide. My 8 inch cock was rock hard and I thrust it into her pussy with a force that made her gasp, harder harder she cried. I was in heaven seeing this gorgeous woman in so much pleasure, her tits bouncing around, her face looking at me , cum inside me she screamed and I did.While we sat down recovering I got another message from Eve asking what we were doing. Ann replied thank you for the present and the dvd.Eve then told me to fuck Ann once more and come home for my dessert. Ann was soon bent over the sofa as I gave her a proper seeing to that lasted about 20 minutes, making her cum three times.

I texted Eve to say I was on my way. When I got in she was in the bedroom and greeted me with a long and lingering kiss. My cock was hard again as I stripped off Eve soon had my prick in her mouth, saying how nice Ann tasted. I just wanted to fuck Eve hard but she said her cunt was to sore from her vibrator. She rolled over pointed to the vaseline and told me to fuck her arse while telling me about my evening with Ann. I only got as far as the 69 before I came up Eve`s lovely bum hole.My evening with Ann gave our sex life such a boost and Eve and I are closer than ever.

As for Ann , Eve introduced her to the guy from work and we are hoping that we can all get together one day. I can`t wait.