Written by Neil

5 Aug 2007

Having enjoyed reading stories on this site never did I imagine that I too would be sharing an experience that happened 8 days ago. I have often thought how I would react in a situation if I witnessed another man coming on strong with my wife, well I have to admit, rather shamefully, instead of putting a halt to it i possibly encouraged events.

My wife Marion and I have been together for over 23 years, Marion is 50, she still is very attractive, wonderful figure, size 12-14, and has shoulder length fair hair.

Friday week ago some old friends of ours got married. A low key affair and after the wedding it was back to their home. Unfortunately Marion and I could not attend the wedding but arrived early evening. Soon as we arrived Marion and I immersed ourselves in conversation with our friends as well as meeting new people. Over the next 2-3 hours Marion and I hardly spoke as we were often speaking to different people. When eventually Marion and I did manage a few quiet words it was obvious that my wife had been enjoying the drink and was in a jovial mood. Once the music was turned up I knew for sure Marion would be up dancing. I am not a dancer and tend to steer clear. The odd time I poked my head into the lounge to see what was happening I noticed Marion dancing with a young gentleman called Chris. Over the next hour Marion seemed to be dancing an awful lot and quite often with Chris or his friend Robert. Over the next hour most people were starting to leave the party and now what people were remaining tended to be chatting in the kitchen or on the side patio area.

When I went to the toilet I passed the lounge and noticed just Marion, Chris and Robert were the only people dancing. Despite being a fairly upbeat tempo Marion was sandwiched between both of them as they held her on her waist from the front and behind. They continued to dance very close to her and Robert who was behind her was tending to rub his crotch on her bottom. I ignored this and on my return from the toilet the music had slowed and Chris was enjoying a slow dance with Marion whilst caressing her bottom. I was not sure how to react but went to the kitchen. However curiosity got the better of me and returned to the lounge entrance to see him slowly raise her skirt from behind exposing her stocking tops, suspenders and panties. Despite this Marion continued to dance with her arms around his neck. He continued to caress her bottom and her bare skin between her stocking tops and panties.Time seemed to stand still for me and before i could react Robert got up from his seat stood behind Marion with one hand holding up her dress and the other one feeling between her legs. Chris had now starting kissing Marion on her neck whilst groping her breast from outside her dress.

As i said in my first sentence, my instant reaction was shock, but not one where i wanted to tear the two men from limb to limb but one of incredible excitement. All thoughts of acting sensible and protective to my wife evaporated and i was so incredibly turned on by what i was watching. Before things could progress there was a shout from the hallway to say a cab had arrived and a woman who was obviously with Robert called for him to which he immediately stopped what he was doing and left the room. I retreated back to the kitchen area where my wife returned straight away. This whole situation had left me feeling in limbo, and I freely admit I did not want it to end. It was just then that another couple then told Chris that they would be leaving in approx 20 minutes and they would give him a lift home. My wife surprisingly was, despite the drink, still reasonably sober and continued to involve herself in the many conversations going on without slurring too many words.

It was at this stage, knowing that events like this may never occur again i managed to have a quiet word with Chris and told him what I had seen. At first he laughed it off but having told him how much i enjoyed watching it and told him it was okay, and that i understood he was leaving soon, maybe he could treat me to view of another dance with my wife. Unfortunately the lounge was by now not so empty and another couple were dancing. It was then Marion came by and asked which room had they taken her coat to as she had to retrieve something from her bag. Having gone upstairs I immediately told Chris why not join her for a dance upstairs. I told him to hurry up before she returned and that I would give him 5 minutes as it was risky. I realised also that what ever momentum had been built up in the lounge previously may now have gone. I told him that i would be standing outside the room on the balcony. Much to my shock Marion returned downstairs immediately and then made her excuses that she had to go upstairs to the bathroom to touch her face up.

I have to admit all rational thinking had now gone and I freely admit my 'dick' was telling me what to happen, despite it being my wife. I went upstairs and noticed the bathroom door was ajar and no one inside. The bedroom door was slightly open and I heard some muffled conversation from Chris about how sexy my wife was, the door was then opened further to which i heard Chris say 'so we can hear if anyone comes up the stairs' For the next minute or so I listened but could only hear comments passed by Chris such as 'Your very naughty' 'I love women that wear stockings' 'How Robert and him would love to fuck her at the same time' It was then that I heard a gasp and i put my head around the door to see Marion on her back with her stocking legs spread in the air with her shoes still on with Chris lying between he legs fucking her with all his strength. What a sight!Her skirt was around her waist, his tongue was probing hers and he continued to pound her faster and faster until he obviously shot his spunk into her. With that he turned her over and gave her a couple of playful spanks on the bum and told her that she would not be getting back her panties. Within seconds he left the room exchanging quick glances with me before going downstairs and joining his friends that were waiting for him to go.

I am sorry if this story is too long but this is a true account of events that took place and one that I shall never forget. As for Marion she reckons that she does not remember a thing! One thing for sure she was nursing one hell of a hangover the following day!