Written by Stefanox

28 Aug 2017

Had a very turned on conversation with my wife the other day. It all started after we had just finished having sex. I just mentioned to her that we should think of other ways of enjoying sex. Saying to her how we both admitted that watching porn turned us both on, however we had only once actually watched a porn film together! And l remember at the time her saying seeing two females didn't do it for her and l asked what did. Well l was surprised that she said "she was open to all" including women. But what ready did it for me was when she asked me if l wanted her to have sex with other men! At first l was rather taken aback and not sure how, to reply. I first said l wasn't sure and admitted l had thought about only as a fantasy, but said l definitely didn't want her to have relationships with other people, however if it was just for sex maybe and she told me about it before hand. She sort of agreed we me about it saying " and no kissing involved." I sort of agreed and then said it may be difficult at the time not to. The conversation sort of ended there, as she had to get ready to go back to London, where she works and lives with her grown up daughter. I go up to her every two weeks for a long weekend, so she is free every other weekend... How should l proceed with this with her? and for me to be sure she actually wants this to happen!