Written by Helen

11 Sep 2007

Carol and I have now just retruned from our 2nd break away from our hubbies in Spain. The first time proved to be so good we decided to do it again.

We went to this nightclub where we were told that we would be able to pull. Carol was dressed in a trouser suit and i had a sexy black dress on, with a plunge neck neckline. We had decided to leave our underwear off, which proved the right decision.

We were no sooner at the bar when we were ask if we would like a drink. The guys were younger than us, we're in our mid 50's, but we are certainly not past it.

We were in the club, dancing, fondling and kissing for about 2 hours. Bob the guy I had gone with suggested that we should go back to their hotel. We gat a taxi and Carol went in the front and Bob and Greg were on either side of me in the back. The taxi set off and these two skilled individuals had my legs seperated in a flash and fingures were discovering my pussy. Carol didn't seem to know what was going on behind her back. We got to the hotel and went in with them. They were on the top floor, so we all hand time to have a feel etc in the lift.

Carol asked if she could use the bathroom and I went onto the balcony with the guys. Greg sat me on the table, lifted my dress over my head and started to kiss me. Bob got round behind me and started to caress by breasts. It was wonderful. Greg pushed me back onto the table and entered me. Bob's cock was now level with my face and it just seemed the natural thing to do, to take it into my mouth. I could feel Greg coming and arched my back. This gave Bob better access to my mouth and deep throat had nothing on the next few minutes.

Whenthe guys had finished they went to the bathroom to find Carol. She was flat our on the bathroom floor. They decided that they would have some fun with their camera and positioned Carol in different poses in the bathroom and on the bed, the guys putting their cocks in every hole she had and her oblivious to it all.

The guys instisted that since Carol was out of it that i would have to make up for it and once again I got double rations.

The guys said they were putting the photos onto the web and they gave me the web address. The photos looked great and carol looked as though she was enjoying her experience. She still can't remember. It was once again a good week and i lost count of the number of times I was fucked. We're going back again soon