Written by sxxycple

27 Oct 2013

hi mark here,

my wife donna, is a petite blond/red head with natural curly hair blue eyes and a sexy firm body.we have been happy together for many years. I first caught her cheating just 2 weeks into our relationship and she explained that she wanted to be with me and was falling in love but she was a sex addict and could not promise to be faithful to any one man, I was a little hurt full of admiration for her honesty some what jealous and a little thrilled, exited, turned on. She was what it said on the tin and despite her exploits with other men never neglected me and our sex life was great, At first I didn't ask about her other lovers but about a year into our marriage and after walking in on her screaming with pleasure astride a local bar tender, she asked him to leave and we sat down to talk. She asked if I was hurt and stated she was sorry, she was kind, gentle and genuinely considerate of my feelings. I knew what I was getting into I explained and excepted her for who she was. My curiosity got the better of me and I began to ask the details of her exploits, reluctantly at first she began to tell them to me in detail, she thought I wouldn't handle it and would leave her and was preparing for the worst. I on the other hand was finding it an incredible turn on to see this side of her, she had till now kept hidden from all who knew her. I adored her, her honesty and consideration for my feelings, along side her beauty and dare I say it innocence, captivated me as she lay her head on my chest and I ran my fingers through her hair. I explained my love for her was unconditional and that I was even a little turned on by her exploits. We were soon romping together and had an amazing time making love for hours, she feeling she was excepted and I was feeling closer to her than ever. We continued like this for some time her playing away when the urge took her and then sharing the details during our lovemaking, we soon discovered that it was a big turn on for me once my jealousy subsided. One day about a year and several affairs latter she was in the bathroom making herself up ready to go meet a new lover, she caught me watching her in the bathroom mirror and immediately asked if I was ok, I said yes but that I wished I could be there. She warned me be carful what I wished for and said she didn't think it a good idea, then she was gone. about an hour later she rang and asked if i was serious about wanting to be with her and wether I really thought I could handle it, I of course said yes despite a little doubt, I was incredibly turned on by the prospect. she continued that her lover did not mind if I didn't and proceeded to give the location to meet them. It was a hotel bar not to many miles away and I was there in no time. Donna was a little shy at first and he was very tall and slim with a boxers build and nose was introduced a Rick. I was slightly intimidated and we all felt a little awkward both my wife and i being nervous. He was understanding and promised he would leave us together at any time upon request from either of us and a few drinks later the ice was broken. We were in an on suite room dancing with her between us and all getting some what turned on. it was not long before we were naked and I watched him drink in her beauty with his gaze as his erection grew I was shocked by its length and girth, we were on her and she looked at me meaning fully and asked am I sure Im ok with this, I replied yes eagerly my own erection near bursting point already. I was kissing her passionately on the mouth as he entered her and her gasp into my mouth was to much for me, I came there and then in her hand. he began slow and carful a little deeper each thrust till he was pounding her for all she was worth she was the most vocal I had ever seen her so much so he thought he was hurting her and paused, she gasped no don't stop and my loins stirred once more we proceeded to take it in turns giving her oral and fucking her in ever conceivable position and even joined together for her first dp during which we were all so in sync we came within moments of each other. Donna was insatiable the more she got the more tuned on she became and we continued all night before he left we all agreed it was the best sexual experience any of us have ever had. This was a real turning point in our relationship, from that point on my wife has never felt the need to stray from me again, as now all her exploits include me and take place in our marriage bed metaphorically speaking. We still see rick regally and have had many more wonderful experiences with others since. My wife and I love each other dearly our own love making has not suffered in the slightest and those who think a man bigger than them will stretch his wife and spoil it for him you couldn't be more wrong vaginal muscles are like any other, the more they are worked the stronger they become and her grip on my penis when she clenches is stronger than ever, so if you are man enough to let your woman be herself and she is naturally promiscuous

my advise is to positively encourage her and enjoy her as she cums