Written by John_B

16 Sep 2017

Monday came and start of the new working week, I was at my desk when Thomas arrived in work and we both said good morning to each other, Fiona my wife had spent the night with Thomas after meeting him at a works night out. I fully enjoy Fiona's nights with her lovers. We have a strong relationship and we would talk about this for months in bed even if they never meet again.

Fiona hadn't heard from Thomas since they parted on Saturday morning and she makes it a rule that she won't do the chasing. I then received a text from Fiona saying Thomas had just text her, obviously he was making sure by seeing me at work there was no chance I would see the text, I smiled inwardly as here was Thomas keeping things secret and I know every touch and kiss of him and Fiona.

Fiona forwarded me the text and it read "loved our night, didn't think I should text when John may have seen x T". Fiona then asked me if she should reply and I immediately responded with yes of course you should. The text messages continued throughout the morning getting steamier and raunchier as the morning went on and obviously Fiona was forwarding to me and I was encouraging her.

Around 11.30 Fiona forwarded me a message and Thomas was asking when he could see Fiona again, I messaged Fiona asking could she get away at lunchtime and meet him then, she replied yes and would she take Thomas to ours. I took an immediate hardon and replied definitely. Here was I encouraging my wife to take a new workmate home to fuck him in our bed and I would still be at work. I could see Thomas get a little restless at his desk as he fumbled to finish for lunch and came to my desk to ask if it was ok to take an early lunch and may be slightly delayed returning. I nodded and said remember flexi allows you until 2pm. He replied confidently he would be back by then. It was a 15 min drive to ours and same back so that would leave just over an hour for some raunchy frolicking with Fiona who had already messaged me to say she was on her way home and asking me what she should wear. I suggested she keep on the white blouse she had on and change in to her knee length black skater skirt and holdups instead of her tights and trousers that she had gone to work in. She quickly sent me some photographs of how she looked and she as usual was gorgeous.

I got a text shortly after to say Thomas had arrived...