Written by John B

20 Oct 2013

As I've mentioned in my earlier story I've now found myself in bed at 5.30 following morning after a night out with my wife Fiona as she has gone off to a flat with a younger guy.

The clock had just turned 7 and I could hear the door handle of our front door open, I could hardly wait to see my wife and listen to what had happened after she got in to the taxi with this younger lad. Fiona entered the room and was smiling at me as she made her way over to the bed, I smiled at her and asked if she has been naughty to which she simply nodded and asked if I would like to know what she had got up to. I was naked and very hard. Fiona sat on the bed and started to undo her sandles and proceeded to tell me how her and this young guy had gone back to his flat.

I told Fiona I wanted to hear every detail, every touch and kiss and she nodded as she leaned over and kissed me. I asked have you had a good night? She replied Yes!.

Fiona continued her re-telling of events how they had kissed at the taxi rank and I asked if she could feel his bulge as they cuddled, she said yes and she had had a few drinks so was very tipsy and excited. Once in the taxi they started kissing again and she said he was running his hands up and down her legs. Fiona had been wearing a nice short black dress with holdups. We had gone shopping and bought the dress a week earlier and I told her how sexy she looked in this dress. She said the taxi driver looked in his mirror a lot as this young lad was becoming quite aroused and was beginning to run his hand up her dress, Fiona said she was very aroused and if the taxi journey would have been any longer she thinks he would have been fingering her in the taxi. I was very aroused listening to the detail of Fiona's evening and she climbed in to bed beside me still fully clothed and started to rub my cock as I encouraged her to continue with the events of the evening.

She said they arrived at the flat and it was very modern style with a nice bedroom, she said they went straight to the bedroom and continued their kissing. He started to run his hands up her leg, lifting the dress slightly and then felt Fiona had no pants on. I asked did he say anything, she said no but he just moved his leg in to open her legs slightly to allow him to slide his finger over her clittoris. She said she groaned and immediately opened her legs to let his hand slide in a little. I said "sounds like you were enjoying it" she replied "yes, I was very turned on".

She said they then found themselves on the bed kissing and his fingers were exploring her fanny and would obviously have found her extremely wet as she normally is. She said they kissed a lot and eventually she started to undo his shirt on the bed and then undid his trousers and slid them down to reveal his cock. She said it was a good 7" which would make him considerably more in size than me. She said as soon as she had got his trousers down he sort of lay back and she then kissed down his body until coming to his very hard cock. She said it was very nice and erotic to think she was sucking another guys cock knowing she had my permission. As she was telling me I was finding it hard not to cum as she was gently stroking. She climbed up from licking and sucking his cock and straddled his body knowing his cock and her fanny were not far apart and as she did this she whispered to him........condom......( we had discussed this and although she is on the pill decided be best to have protection) , she said he motioned towards his bedside cabinet but as he did his cock found her hole and it plunged in, she said it was too good to stop and very quickly she was riding his shaft knowing she should have been waiting on the condom. The condom didn't happen and she said it was electric to feel his cock pounding her and then to feel him explode in her, she orgasmed at the exact same time and I know how amazing this is as.

As she told me this I found myself exploding all over her as she stroked me and re-told her evening. It turned out he eventually lifted her dress off and they both had a drink and then continued with two more sessions before she said she would need to get home. They swapped phone numbers and this continued for another few months........so more to tell