Written by Peter

22 May 2016

I must remind readers that what I'm writing about happened in the sixties/seventies. As I have told you my wife was a petite well spoken butter wouldn't melt in her mouth type. After all these years still is but in bed she is a different woman. Once she had experienced her first threesome she couldn't wait for more. Then the next was being gangbanged and all inhibitions went out through the window. But outside of sex she remained a shy demure lady.

It had been awhile since we had had a threesome and I mentioned the fact one night in bed after screwing her. I asked her if she fancied being screwed again by someone and she said yes, she'd like that. At the cricket club where I played a coloured guy joined us. In the showers I noticed that he was extremely well hung. I told her about him. She had already been fucked by a coloured member of the club and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She adored being screwed hard by men with big cocks. I asked her if she would like me to arrange a threesome with him. She said yes.

There was a disco at the club the following Saturday and I suggested we ask him back to our place afterwards. This we did and I watched him give her a good fucking with his huge thick black cock. She really enjoyed it and I then suggested that Ivor, the other coloured cricketer in the team join Andy and both fuck her one night. I told Ivor and he couldn't wait.

The following Saturday after the match we went back to our house, She was waiting for us dressed in a sexy see through negligee and I poured the drinks as we sat on the large L shaped settee in the lounge. They sat alongside her and soon were caressing her body, uncovering her tits and fingering her cunt. Her hands went to their trousers and stroked their huge cocks over their trousers. As she had been shagged by both of them previously she was not surprised by the size of their pricks.Andy said what a beautiful body she had and what a great fuck she was. Ivor said he'd gangbanged her and it was great. Soon her negligee lay on the floor as they caressed her naked body. Ivor stood up and stripped off and as she sucked his cock And stripped off too. Both cocks were about 10" long and very thick. She said she loved their big cocks and wanted them to shag her long and hard. She said she wanted to feel them pumping their spunk up inside her cunt, feel their hard cocks throbbing inside her as they came. Her cunt was slurping with her wetness as they touched her and licked her in turn. Her nipples were stiffened by their caresses, their tongues flicking across them, their lips sucking them. She moaned with pleasure as licked the bell end of one them. It had been awhile since I had watched her and I was having a good wank listening to her groans and sighs. "Oh please one of you fuck me" she pleaded, "my cunt wants cock, big cock, she gasped. Ivor moved over her and spread her legs wide apart and lifted her knees. He rubbed his knob over her clit for awhile which made her gasp even more. Andy had his cock in her mouth stifling the sighs coming from her. Then she cried out as she felt Ivor's huge cock enter her. She stopped sucking Andy's cock and groaned and winced as Ivor thrust 10" of thick black cock fully inside her. Andy sat back and watched as Ivor's are rose up and down as he shagged her hard. She weighed beneath him and said she'd missed his big cock inside her. He said he had missed fucking her too. Then he withdrew and told Andy that he wanted to watch him fucking her. Again she cried out as she took his huge cock. He fucked her hard making her climax loudly. He withdrew saying he didn't want to come yet. Ivor got her to kneel over and fucked her doggie style, holding her hips and pulled her onto his thrusting cock. Andy held her swinging tits as her cunt was being well fucked by Ivor. She was climaxing continually and cried out that she wanted spunk inside her. I was ready to come as I had been wanking furiously and took Ivor's place and was soon shooting a load of spunk up inside her. When I finally withdrew Andy took my place and shagged her furiously, grunting as he strove to fuck her as hard as he could then threw his head back and said he was coming."Oh yes, come on, fill me with your spunk" she cried. He rammed his length right up her cunt and pumped another load inside her. She said she could feel his huge cock throbbing inside her. Ivor rolled her onto her back and proceeded to give her another good fucking and another load of spunk before rolling off her. She asked me to get some tissues which I did and watched as she wiped the spunk from her cunt. I suggested we go upstairs to our bedroom and as I walked upstairs behind her I could spunk slowly dribbling from her. We had a king size bed so it was easy to accommodate them. They both have another good fucking before we fell asleep.

I was awoken by her gasps and looked at my watch and it was 7 o'clock and Andy was giving her his length again. Soon he rolled off her and went back to sleep.

They both left at lunchtime but not before fucking her yet again.

"God that was good" she said after they had gone. I fucked her and we slept the rest of the afternoon.