2 Nov 2015

Continuing my saga about wives wanting cock. As I've said the majority of wives, no matter how reserved will, given the right circumstances have extra marital sex. I proved that with my wife. First she was fucked by Cliff at a party and then by Phil after I had entered an ad in Experience and Vibrations. After Phil had given her a good fucking with his huge cock we moved on to her second choice amongst the replies from the ads I placed. This was Dave, a good looking well built Welshman who was also well endowed.I contacted him and he agreed to come over the bridge and visit us. We arranged to meet at our local pub which was just a hundred yards from our place. Dave arrived and joined us at our table. Both myself and my wife being Welsh made it easy to break the ice. So, after chatting for awhile and having a few drinks we left and walked the short distance to our home, Dave leaving his car at the pub.

Once inside our house I poured a few drinks and Dave sat on the settee with my wife. She was wearing a black chiffon see through top easily showing her black bra underneath. Dave had been staring avidly at her breasts all evening. I suggested that perhaps we should go upstairs to our bedroom. Once inside the bedroom Dave kissed my wife, fondling her breasts over her her blouse. Then he lowered her onto the bed and proceeded to undress her. I stripped off too and she lay naked on the bed as Dave undressed. The camera didn't tell a lie, he was really well hung, perhaps not as big as Phil but nevertheless big.

I joined him on the bed, kneeling alongside her head so that she could suck my rigid cock. Dave was licking her clit as he slid a couple of fingers into her her wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his figures fucking her and his tongue on her clit. I pulled my cock from her not wanting to come yet. I produced a large vibrator from the bedside table and gave it to Dave and told him to fuck her with it. He stroked the tip of it over her clit before easing up inside her cunt. He turned it fully on and she gave a loud moan as she took it fully inside her cunt. She wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and when he moved his body around she sucked his huge cock.

She was so worked up and so ready to fuck.

"Fuck me, please fuck me" she pleaded and Dave duly obliged, spreading her legs and guiding his cock into her cunt. She moaned as eight inches of hard cock entered her body. " your so big" she cried as he plunged his cock hard into her. She lay beneath him, her body writhing, She was gasping and moaning as I sat watching and wanking myself off totally turned on by what I was watching. " let me watch you fucking her" he said as he withdrew his rampant cock from her cunt. I took his place, my cock sliding easily into her moist cunt. I fucked her until I I was about to come. She was a day or so from her period so we didn't wear a Durex and soon I was emptying my balls inside her.

I rolled off her and Dave asked her to kneel over and began to fuck her doggie style, holding her hips and pulling her onto his big cock, making her cry out. We hadn't had anal sex before and I didn't know how she would react to it. Dave withdrew his cock from her cunt and lifted it to her asshole. "On no, I can't do that" she cried as he proceeded to rug his knob end over her arse. Slowly he pushed the end of his cock inside her and she moaned loudly as he eased it inside her. Her eyes were tightly closed, her faced screwed up in pain as he forced his cock inside her. Soon he was screwing her asshole until he groaned and shot his load inside her. He kept there for awhile before slowly withdrawing.

She rolled onto her back gasping as I watched his spunk slowly seep out of her arse. That was another first for her. Dave stayed the night and during the night fucked her again and again in the morning before leaving. She said that it had been something else but she was sore and felt as though his cock was still inside her. She didn't know what plans I had for her now that she had had three other men and had sampled anal sex.

I was building up to watching her being gangbanged and having a big black cock. At least, that was my aim.