11 Nov 2015

After her introduction to interracial sex with Ivor, we discussed perhaps entertaining Cliff, Phil, Dave and Ivor for a gangbang session. She was very apprehensive about this as she was not happy about the impromptu gangbang at the recent party. She said she felt like whore, just being used for sex. She said having threesomes with the others was more intimate somehow. She didn't feel so much of slut.

She suggested that perhaps she could do with some help if she had a gangbang with Cliff etc. I asked her what sort of help and she said perhaps her friend Tina would join her to take some of the load off her. Tina was divorced but like my wife was quiet and reserved. I didn't think that she would be into this. I said that that would be good as I fancied fucking Tina. My wife said that so far I was having all the fun and that she would like to watch as I fucked someone else. I asked her if Tina would join us for a threesome and she said she would ask her. She had enjoyed our threesomes she said but really would like to watch me too.

A few days later she told me that she had asked Tina if she fancied joining us for a threesome and apparently she didn't hesitate in saying she would. So it was arranged that we go out for a meal and back to our place. Tina was very attractive and I had fancied her for sometime. She was very slim, not much tit but still more than fuckable.

Back at our place we played strip poker, it was good watching them both slowly undressing. Soon we were all naked and went up to our bedroom. I lay between my wife and Tina, touching them both, kissing their breasts in turn. Tina's cunt was wet like my wife's and I lick her clit then my wife's. They both sucked my cock in turn which really turned me on. I took the vibrator from the bedside table and eased up inside Tina's cunt and switched it fully on as I touched my wife's cunt with my other hand. They were both totally turned on and my wife said she wanted to watch me fucking Tina. I moved over on top of Tina and eased my stiff cock up inside her wet pussy. She gasped and said it felt good. My wife was fucking herself hard with the vibrator really enjoying the new experience. Tina was moaning beneath me , pushing her pelvis up to meet my thrusts. She cried out loudly as she climaxed and I soon shot a load of creamy spunk up inside her. She dug her long finger nails into my buttocks as I pumped my spunk inside her. My wife was climaxing as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

I reached across and fingered my wife's clit which again turned her on. I was still inside Tina, my cock stiffened again and I slowly fucked her again. My wife removed the vibrator from her cunt and said she wanted me to fuck her and Tina said she wanted to watch us.

I moved on top of my wife and rammed my rampant cock fully inside her and shagged her hard. As I fucked her I took the vibrator and pushed it right up Tina's wet cunt, pushing it in and out with thrusts of my into my wife. It was the first time I had a threesome with two women and I was enjoying it immensely. My wife was gasping and writhing beneath me. She climaxed loudly as I came again. I stayed inside for awhile before slowly removing my softened cock. I lay between them and it was not long before we fell asleep. At three o'clock I felt a hand on my flaccid cock, it was Tina's, she stroked my cock and squeezed it causing it to stiffen again. This time she moved on top of me and rode my cock. My wife stirred as I placed my hand on her crotch, easing a couple of fingers inside her. Tina climaxed above me and then rolled off me and my wife took her place, riding my cock up and down. We both climaxed again and fell asleep once more. It was home 9 o'clock before we woke and I fucked them both once more before getting up and having breakfast. Tina said that she had really enjoyed it. We put it to her regarding the gangbang, my wife had warned about the fact that they each had really big cocks. She said that that should be interested and would be a new experience for her.so I said I would arrange at shortly.

I was really looking forward to it and my wife was a bit happier now that Tina was joining us also.my wife was happy that it would ease some of the pressure off her.