Written by Peter

3 Dec 2015

So my wife had now gone from a quiet , demure , sweet girl to an uninhibited woman who couldn't get enough cock. If I'm threesomes to gangbangs and a night out with the girls on a hen party where she was fucked by a stranger in his hotel room.

Our sex life had improved no end, she was now totally uninhibited as we make love. I asked her if she wanted more cock and she said "Oh yes, lots more cock." She gasped.

Next day we had a phone call from Dave, our Welsh friend. He told us his friend had a chalet near Tenby which we could have for a week free of charge. I told him it would be great and he said he would arrange it. It was arranged for a couple of weeks time and we drove down there and met up with Dave. He led us to the chalet which was on the outskirts of Tenby on a site that had a club and swimming pool. We went to the club on the Saturday night, enjoyed the entertainment and went back to the chalet with Dave, had some more drinks and he began kissing her and undressing her. We had had threesomes in the past with him and he was really well hung and she enjoyed being fucked by him.

The three of us ended up in bed naked, Dave licking her cunt as she sucked my cock and held his. We got her really worked up , panting and gasping as her clit and cunt were being worked over . Dave moved on top of her and thrust his 9" cock fully inside her making her cry out passionately. "Oh that feels so good " she cried as he began to give her a good shagging. I wanted myself off and as she had been fucked in the arse by the stranger on her night out I fancied giving her some double penetration. I told Dave to lie on his back and for her to straddle him and lower her cunt onto his cock. This she did and I knelt between their legs, holding my cock and guiding it into her anus. She gasped as she felt my cock enter her asshole. I could feel Dave's cock through the thin membrane between her cunt and her arse. We both fucked her, making her groan as she felt both our cocks inside her, fucking her. Dave groaned and said he couldn't hold back anymore and pumped his spunk inside her cunt and I soon followed shooting another load up her arse. She had one of the biggest climaxes she'd ever had. We lay inside her for a while before withdrawing and I watched the spunk dribbling from both her cunt and asshole.

Dave said that there was a quiet a beach nearby used by nudist and perhaps we should go there in the morning. We were both all for it

The following day the weather was gorgeous and went to the beach with Dave at mid-day, not many people about and we found a quiet place on the edge of the dunes. We stripped off and lay on ft he towels sunbathing. After sometime a couple of lads walked by and spotted us. They were both naked and we'll hung. They asked if they could join us and we had a couple of bottles of whit wine in a cool bag. We opened a bottle and had brought half a dozen glasses and gave them a glass each. They were both eyeing my wife's lovely body, her firm breasts and the triangle of pubic hair covering her groin. They were both fondling their cocks, stroking them up and down. My wife was watching them from behind her sun glasses. They asked Dave if she was cock and he said yes she was. They moved closer and started touching her one her breasts the other her cunt. Both their cocks were now rock hard and she really ached across and held both of them. Dave and I both looked on , his cock like mine fully aroused. She gasped and sighed as they kissed and touched her body all over, her cunt slurping as she was being finger fucked. I asked her if she wanted them to fuck her and groaned and said yes. They were both of average length but one was very thick, her fingers didn't touch when she held it. He mounted her and thrust his thick prick fully inside her making her gasp and wince as she felt his cock stretch her open. I asked her if it felt good and she sighed and said it felt big. His mate was kneeling by her head so she could suck his cock whilst his friend gave her a good shagging. Dave was wanking his big cock as I was, watching her writhing beneath the one fucking her. The one with his cock in her mouth grunted and said he was coming and he pumped his spunk down her throat. The one fucking her was on his final thrusts and groaned as he emptied his bollocks inside her. They lay quietly for a few moments before he withdrew his glistening cock from her. She moved her hand down between her legs, stroking her clit , sighing as she slipped a finger inside her spunk filled cunt.

Dave then got on top her, his 9" cock about to enter her as the three of us watched, my cock hard and erect waiting to fuck her. She gasped loudly as he eased his hard prick up inside her and began shagging her. The two lads sat there stroking their cocks to another hard on as Dave gave her another good fucking. She climaxed loudly over and over as his cock reamed in and out of her wet cunt. He rolled onto his back and she straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock .I positioned myself behind her and eased my cock right up inside her asshole. The two lads were wanking furiously totally turned on by what they were seeing. After being given anul by the stranger and then myself when she came home she was now getting used to being fucked up her asshole. I soon pumped a load of cum up her arse whilst Dave shot a load up her cunt.then one of the lads said he wanted to fuck her arse and got to kneel over and promptly pushed his stiff cock into her asshole. She cried out as she took it fully inside her. "Fucking hell that's fucking tight" he gasped as he held her hips and rammed his cock inside her. His mate shot his load over her face as she took another load up her arse when he withdrew and collapsed alongside her I moved her onto her back and rammed my cock inside her and shagged her hard until too shot my load inside her. We lay quietly for awhile before she said she was going into the water. We all ran down the beach and into the water which felt cold at first but soon got used to it. She said she was cleaning the spunk from her before we returned and got dressed and went for something to eat. The lads said their goodbyes and left. We didn't see them again.

That week Dave and I gave her a good fucking and invited other men we met to join us in the chalet for more sex. By the end of the week she had been well fucked. Spunk in her mouth, spunk in her cunt and spunk in her arse.

Wives will fuck!!