25 Jul 2018

When I first met Helen it was a quick social... nice looking woman, great hair and quite “bouncy” in her personality. Then we parted and she contacted me back for another meet the very next day, clearly the social went well and she said she wanted a sample of my oral skills.

The next meet went well too and she squirted over my face and had jelly legs after, this then sealed an 8 month period of fun. Moving on a few months and we went out in my Campervan on a few days away, in Norfolk.

It was great weather and she enjoyed the meet and greets of fellow campers on the site.

We enjoyed each others company and spent a lot of time like a couple.

On the 3rd day away I suggested a woodland walk and she accepted. It was hot so shorts and t shirt for me and a summer dress for Helen, we also had been commando as we were making the most of being away and the spontaneous fucking.

We ventured into the woods and Helen said lets take some photo's, this began as me then one of her then a timer together shot.....I then grabbed her and we kissed and I went for her hem and lifted the dress and fingered her moist sex.....this turned her on more and she was very wet, two fingers were inside her pussy and my thumb rubbed her clit . The inevitable happened and she came, squirted and her legs gave way, so I had to hold her up. Helen then said....over there, pointing to a clearing in the woods.... we went over and she said on your back I want your cock, me thinking she was going to straddle me, it came as a surprise when she got into a 69 and went for my cock and pushing her wet cunt onto my face. Helen sucked me, while I licked and fingered her wetness...she stopped sucking proclaiming “you're gonna make me cum, you're gonna make me cum”..... arrrrgh..... and she shuddered and squirted heavily...I continued to lick and finger until she was squeezing my head tight with her thighs,after another squirt. She relaxed and said my turn and continued to suck my cock, needless to say it wasn't long before my spunk was rising so I said “Im gonna cum” to warn her of her impending mouthful of semen and as she didn't like cum in her mouth and swallowing, it was the right thing to do...... she took me out of her mouth and said I want your cum...and continued to suck and wank my ever hardening cock until it “burst” and fed her mouth with my semen.

Helen swallowed it all down and then we had a lovely spunky kiss and cuddle.

We dressed and continued our walk and fucked later by some wood stacks but that was another box ticked from her list