Written by Wisernow

13 May 2014

This is recalling events from about two years ago. I like many of the guys on here had a desire to see their wife fucked by another man, however this is a tale of caution to those considering it.

At the time my wife was 42, about a curvy size 18, 42c breasts. She worked as a checkout operator for a local shop where there were about 20 or so employed. Our sex life had always been good and varied. Neither of us strayed or even felt the need to. However as I am sure many couples who had been married for several years and had grown up kids, things sort of became in a rut. We have often talked and fantasied about bringing a third person into our lovemaking but that was all it was, talk and fantasy. Claire had always been a bit flirty and liked to have a laugh when we were out. I assumed therefore that at work she was much the same.

I remember her telling me about some of the lads at her work, who thought that they were the bees knees with women and would always be making lewd remarks about the size of the girls breasts etc or they would get changed whilst the women were about. One lad, and for the life of me I cant remember his name now, lets call him Tony for the sake of this, would often come in straight from the gym and get changed at work. He was about 24, just over 6 feet tall, quite well built. Claire would recall how he would strip down to his boxers, to woof whistles from the girls. We had had many a good fuck after talking about what would happen if he had joined us. All just fantasy at the time.

I had encouraged Claire to tell me about her fantasies, and more and more Tony seemed to appear in them. I did tell her that if she wanted to flirt with him then that's fine but she has to tell me, be open about it.

Anyway Christmas time came along and the usual works party was arranged. As usual we didn't go to each others parties. It was a "me time" things couples do. Claire got ready to go to the party, usual thing, nothing out of the ordinary. Nice outfit, usual undies nothing untoward. I remember saying something like " the guys are gonna love you" as her outfits always showed off her body to its best. She said something about she may get pulled tonight and laughed to which I said hope so and tell me about it.

Off she went and at about 1am I got a text from Claire which said she was going back to one of the girls houses and be back around 4am so I replied something like " I am off to bed, have you pulled LOL". The reply was a simple "LOL" followed by "you would like it if I did??". I just replied yes.

I woke at around 5am with Claire climbing into bed. I sensed that she was a bit nervous and I assumed it was because she was later back than she had said she would be. I snuggled into her and jokingly said "so did you pull". That's when I felt her start to cry. Asking what's up she said that she was sorry, it was just the drink and didn't mean anything. Anyway over the next half hour or so Claire confessed that quite a few had gone back to Tony's house. Lots of drinks, soft music and chatting. Tony had taken the sofa with Claire. He had his arm around her and they were just chatting same as all the others were. Tonys hands ended up stroking her breasts through her top and she said she knew she should have stopped him when he slid a hand up her leg and under her skirt. Claire proceeded to recount how Tony had fingered her wet pussy almost bringing her off. She regained some composure and went off to use the loo. She said that no sooner had she pulled down her knickers and sat on the loo that the door opened and Tony came in, closing the door after him. He just unzipped himself pulled down his trousers and pants and pushed his har cock towards Claire. Claire admitted to blowing his cock until he emptied his balls into her mouth.

I was loving what Claire was telling me and afterwards we fucked like things processed. I said that she should have let him fuck her and Claire said she did think about it but then thought of me at home and thought better of it.

It seemed that almost every day after that night we got around to talking about Tony. About a month later Claire was late home from work. She went straight up for a shower, sensing something was wrong I went to see she was ok, her work clothes were on the floor in the bedroom, polo shirt, bra, trousers... but where was her knickers? I checked the wash basket, no knickers there. Later I plucked up the courage to ask her about t and she admitted that given her a list home, stopping off at a nearby wood and they had ended up fucking.

Anyway over next few months we introduced Tony into our life's, experiencing our first threesome with him. I remember when I first watched Tony fuck Claire, a mixture of jealousy and pride. This went on for a few months until the day came when Claire told me that she was pregnant. As I had had the snip a few years ago I knew it wasn't mine. It was then that Claire admitted that Tony hadn't been the only guy to had been fucking her. That several of the guys at work had sampled her wares and that she was now known as the work bike. She admitted that even one evening four of the lads had taken turns fucking her, each dumping their seed in her. I did ask her whose baby it was and she openly admitted that she didn't have a clue, that it could really be any of the eight guys who worked there.

As much as I loved Claire and I had encouraged her to fuck another man, the inevitable of bringing up another mans baby took its toll on us and we ended up splitting up. So a word of warning guys, be careful what you wish for and ladies take precautions. Luckily Claire ended up with a baby and not some nasty pox.