Written by williman

28 May 2013

this is a short story on what happened recently with a work colleague of mine. Both myself and wife Debra were invited to another colleagues birthday party and booked a room at the hotel where the event was taking place so we could enjoy a drink without worrying about driving. Anyway the party was in full swing and drinks were flowing on a regular basis throughout the gang of works colleagues that were there. Myself, wife and a colleague Katie were all sitting and chatting about this and that and we were all enjoying ourselves and having a giggle. The evening got later and later and both Katie and my wife were quite tipsy to say the least and seemed to enjoy each others company even though my wife is 50 and katie is 28 years old.

At the end of the evening we all said our goodbyes to each other and then I asked Katie if she fancied a nightcap in our room to which she said yes. We all retired to the room and in the lift I was shocked by what katie said when she uttered "so have you ever had a 3 sum Deb" to which Debra replied "no but there is always a first time". I just looked at both of them and told Katie that I was shocked at what she had said and then the lift arrived at our floor. We walked towards the room and then went inside and once inside Katie turned to me and kissed me hard on the lips and it was hard to resist. I finally broke away and looked at Debra who was shocked but then said "its a kiss now kiss her back as you have always wanted this sort of fun and I can't think of anyone nicer than Katie to have it with".

I looked at Katie and smiled and reached forward to her and kissed her again and slowly pulled the zip down on her dress to let it fall to the floor. Now Katie is an attractive woman with large breasts and I would say a size 12 figure with soft milky skin and dark hair. She stood there with just underwear on and then she walked to the bed and began to remove her panties and bra. She lay there naked and I moved towards the bed and out the corner of my eye I could see Debra pulling off her clothes so that she too was naked and walking towards the bed. I lay down and started to kiss Katie and feel her breasts and thought to myself that she was enjoying it a lot as she was writhing slightly but as I broke away from the kiss I looked and saw that Debra was licking frantically at Katies soft mound.

This sight almost sent me over the top but was then taken in hand by Katie and she wrapped her lips around my hard cock with a suck of an expert prostitute and ate at my cock like it was the last looly in the shop. Debra was still licking her pussy and Katie was beginning to buck as I saw the first signs of orgasm hit her body and she let out a loud moan which made her suck even harder on my member. This was all too much and I unleashed a jet of cum into her mouth and she took every drop of cum out of me and never spilt a drop.

I dropped back onto the bed and Katie then began to work on Debra by kissing her and sucking at her breasts while fingering her now wet pussy. She did this for 5 minutes or so and Debra was fast approaching her orgasm and as it pulsed through her Katie was all the time kissing her hard and jetting her tongue in and out of her mouth. I was watching this whole event take place in front of my eyes and loving every minute of it and felt the pulse come back into my cock. I moved up onto my knees and pulled Katie towards me and pushed my cock into her with ease and began to fuck Katie and Debra moved to the front of her and was continuing to kiss Katie and fondle her breasts. I quickened my strokes and was by now pumping hard into her wet pussy and felt the sensation of cum again rise up my cock and shot into Katie. the night went on like this for the next couple of hours and we hope to meet up again soon to repeat this. I have since seen Katie in the office and nothing is said at work but we do smile each time we pass each other ad thats the way to keep it.