Written by Irons65

19 Jan 2010

All this happened fairly quickly and was unplanned really. I had recently broken up with what i thought was the love of my life and was feeling a bit down. A few friends at work were helpful and within two months, one, a pretty lady of about 50 with a stunning figure went through the same thing. Purely as friends, and as we lived near each other, we went for a drink a couple of times. On the third time, the chat had turned a bit racy and we had a cuddle in the car park and i genuinly accidentally touched her breast when ending a cuddle. I apologised but she said it was ok and was quite nice. Looking into her eyes, i put my hands fully on her breasts. Anyone could have been watching but we didnt care. The next night, she invited me round for a chat and she opened the door in just her underwear and stockings. I couldnt believe this work collegue was standing in front of me almost totally naked. Without bothering to close the door, i started touching her, taking her large breasts out and kissing them while one hand went between her legs. She was so wet. We managed to stumble inside and i literally ripped off her thong and went down on her while she started squeezing her tits, moaning very loudly to 'lick me hard,you bastard'. When i had drunk her pussy juice i took out my rock hard cock and rammed it up her very wet pussy and we fucked hard till i started that familiar feeling of cumming. I told her i was about to cum and she shouted 'cum over my tits, i want to rub your cum into them'. I did this and watched with amazement that this normally polite, very well educated lady had turned into a real cum slut. Over the next few weeks we fucked regularly, including at my house, in a park in the town centre and once in the works car park where she sucked me till i came over her face.