Written by c9plus

5 Sep 2011

Hi, believe it or not this is a true story and still gets me hard.

A few years ago I worked in an office as a manager and had a female colleague that was early forties with a great body , lovely arse and small tits with ernomous nipples (or they seemed that way each time she came in the office!) Anyway there was lot of flirting anf eventually I started the "what colour are they today" and thought I had blown it but soon I was told and even had a description! This was all words and flirting but I think got both of us hot. In fact at one time she said she had thin white nicks on and I said I thought that would be a nice contrast with her dark hair. To my surprise she said she cut it short so it might not show. Even harder!!!

This day I sent a instant message asking her the colour and got ignored so thought she was annoyed. About 20 minutes later she arrived with a coffe holding it at the bottom and asked me to take it rather than putting it on the desk. She said you need to put your hand on the bottom which I did and there was a damp thong (dark blue, wet with stains!). I nearly dropped the cup.

She then sat opposite and slowly crossed her legs showing a trimmed and slightyy open pussy. Smiling she asked if I was hard?

I said yes and she said she would help in a few minutes. She went outside and came back with a file and sat next to me putting the file on the desk as if we were working.

Upto now there had been no physical contact but she lent forward and said , "so let me see it" . I struggled to get a hard cock out but as soon is appeared she said "my thats thicker and longer than I thought!" With that she wiped the pre cum off and put her finger in her mouth saying "and it tastes nice".

I was now aching I was so hard. She started a slow wank under the desk and I apologised that I wouldn't last long. She smiled and said "I know!". You'd better finish that coffee, I looked puzzled and she said "do as I say".

I am now so near and looking through the office window to make sure no one has spotted us but all was clear. I said oh god I am cuming (thinking of the stains on the trousers). At this point she sped up, took the coffee cup, slipped it over the end as I shot a huge load, she thentook time to squeeze every drop and used her nickers to dry me off making sure she used the inside of the gusset.

She then put the cup on the table and said "feel better" as I zipped up.

With that she got up and said fancy lunch together as she picked up the cup and drunk the contents using her finger to clean the contents out.

She got back to her desk and sent a message. "Tasted good but next time it will be in my mouth.... BTW nickers are damp again, are you getting hard again!!!

Well if you like this I will tell you what happed next but I have never had an affair like it and sex in so many places.