Written by Den

7 May 2015

I reposted an experience a while ago and then someone reposted another because of weird markings, so I decided to repost another but this time with more detail.

Sue and I had planned to go out this Saturday night, just for a few drinks and an early night, our sex life has been brill since last weekend with Dale, Alan and Carol.

Around 5 pm we got a phone call from one of Sue’s home visit staff telling Sue she’d come down with some bug. Sue is a managing supervisor for the local authority sheltered accommodation / warden control department. Sue rang around to find a replacement, but at short notice, the answer was no or just answer machines, so Sue said she’d have to fill in herself. I volunteered to go with her because of the dark nights and the hope that if as she said, that we’d be finished by 9 pm and still have time for a beer or two. Sue continued to get dressed to go out, short skirt, nice lacy top covered by a warm coat.

We got around the calls with no problems and arrived at the last house about 7:30.

Sue knocked and the occupier turned out to be a bloke, fairly fit looking but as it turned out, 68 year old. Andy was an ex sergeant major from the Argyles, long retired now. He told us he was fine and offered a cup of tea, and Sue told him to sit down, she’d make it.

As she was in the kitchen, Andy turned to me and thinking that I was either her boss or colleague, asked if I was giving her one. Before I could answer, he said “do you see what she’s wearing to visit us old folks, she’ll give half of them a heart attack, fuck me son, her husband is a lucky bastard, no”

I don’t know how I thought so quickly, but I replied, “not just her husband, she like a bit of strange cock too I’m told”

“No kiddin, and she looks so prim”

“No kiddin” I said, and thinking of Tommy the parkie last year, I added “and she doesn’t mind how old either, why don’t you give it a try”

“Nah” he said, “She would nea” adjusting his trouser front, as he was becoming uncomfortable as he took in the info about Sue.

I told him to give it a try and told him just to go into the kitchen walk up and kiss her and see what happens.

Andy looked flushed but he went to the kitchen even if a little unsure. I gave him a minute and stood at then doorway and saw that Sue was still standing facing the worktop and Andy standing behind her. He was leaning over her smelling her hair and kissing the top of her head then her neck. His arms were around her and her skirt was rucked up at the front and it was obvious that he had his hand in her pants. He was shaking from head to foot and his breathing was very heavy. As he was feeling her fanny he was also rubbing his clothed cock against her bum as if he was having a dry fuck. He then kissed her ears and slipped his tongue into one of them.

I could see Sue was gyrating her hips, trying to get more pleasure from his hand. “Oh hen, oh hen , I want to fuck you so badly, I want to push my cock into your beautiful cunt, oh hen” he was telling her in a very trembling voice.

I could see him now fiddling with his belt and waistband and whilst still holding Sue with his hand in her knickers, he released his pants and pushed them down to his knees with his free hand but still trembling and kissing her neck and ears. Andy only had a short tee shirt on and when he dropped his pants, I got a sight of his cock. It was pretty impressive for a bloke nearing 70, it was a decent 7.5 to 8 inches and bent upwards like a banana with a heavy looking foreskin covering the head which was starting to ease out of the foreskin. I noticed that it was very wet with a sting of pre-cum dribbling over the end.

His feet where now inside hers and he eased her legs apart, he pulled her short skirt was up around her hips and pulled her pants down so that they were stretched at the top of her thighs, exposing her bum. Andy again had one hand feeling her pussy, and now the other one feeling her tits and he was kissing and licking her neck. He was shaking like a leaf and grunting as he breathed very heavily indeed.

Sue had her head back allowing Andy to stimulate her neck and was slowly moving her cunt about to get maximum pleasure from Andy’s hand.

He bent his knees and his banana shaped cock slipped between the tops of her thighs, he started moving his hips slightly, slipping his cock along the cleavage of her arse and cunt.

He then stopped feeling her tits and bending his knees a little more, pushed his hips and pelvis upwards couple of times making exploratory thrusts at her fuck hole then had a bit of a fiddle with his other hand and then found Sue’s wet hole and pushed. His cock now penetrated her and he pushed till he was fully home

“Oooohhhh hen” he gasped as he stopped, savouring her hot wettness “Ooohhhh hen, this is fucking lovely, oh you lovely girl”

Then he started to fuck Sue, I could actually see him trembling as he fucked her for a couple of thrusts. Then he pushed her forward and began pulling his cock nearly out of her and then ramming it back in and holding it in her for a few seconds but as he rammed it in her, he grunted a nasally mmmmph. Andy, only lasted maybe a minute like this, don’t know how long it would have been since his last fuck, but suddenly he let out an Ahhhhhhh as he filled her with his spunk. He held onto her for as long a time as it had taken him to come and shaking all the time, knees bent and on his toes, thanking Sue all the time.

I’d had my cock out and wanking it as Sue was being fucked so I turned her around and lifted her onto my cock and fucked her to a cum while Andy watched. When I came in Sue, Andy was stiff again and asked if he could have another go, without waiting for an answer, he turned he around bent her over and entered her again. This time he lasted longer and Sue did have a couple of cums which seemed to spur Andy on until he let out that loud Ahhh again and spunked up Sue for the second time.

Sue cleaned up in the bathroom and we did get to the pub by 9:30, so a good night was rounded off by a few beers. Sue says that she enjoyed making that old bloke’s day. We talked about it in bed that night and I told her I wondered if he had any old pals who may need a bit of excitement in their old age, she said nothing but simply pulled me onto of her.