7 Sep 2016

I had not long finished my apprenticeship and was enjoying myself at My wedding to my very sexy and glamourous wife Alex, it was a small affair just immediate family and a few friends from our jobs we had, a friend of ours offered to do a disco for us at a local pub . Now Alex loves to dance and was straight up on the dance floor as the evening went on a few of the guys there came over to me to ask if it was ok if they had a dance with Alex , I told them go ahead as it saved me being called up to dance with her , tho it is no hardship as she is a good mover and sexy with it and always leaves me with a stiff cock when we step apart on the dance floor.

I was aware she had the same effect on some of the other guys there as they stepped apart, judging by the bulges in their trousers , I also noticed some of the lads move Alex into the darkest corner of the dance floor , to see their hands slide down from her trim waist to her lovely bum . I saw one lad Terry leading Alex outside after a couple of dances and I followed thru another door at the end of the bar to go round to see where they had gone , I saw them leaning up against a car with Terry's hand now up Alex's mini dress she had on , feeling her lovely bum.

I stood in the shadows watching as his hand moved around to Alex's pussy as they kissed and whispered to each other , when I heard Alex gasp and knew Terry had his fingers inside my Wife's pussy, just as Alex freed his cock from his trousers, an begin to rub it for him . When I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder to turn to see my best mate Ron , who is like a Dad to me ( after mine had died a few years previous) , as he said to me shall we leave them to it, I told all the guys earlier they could touch Alex but definitely , NO shagging as I could see Alex was feeling horny tonight

Now Ron is a work mate who is very good to me a great help and I can talk to him about anything, he is a hard but fair man , who stands 6'5" tall , divorced, decent looking guy and as we walked back in for a drink he said she is a lovely girl Alex look after her and you wont go wrong, I said I would ! As the evening went on Alex was led outside by a couple more lads but soon returned to tell me she was hot and went outside for some fresh air as she came back in the last time Ron grabbed her for a dance , they got up just as a slow dance started and Alex put her arms around Ron's neck, they were whispering to each other as Alex nodded to him.

Well the night came to a end after everybody had kissed Alex and we left, that was the start of a few parties over the next few months and I had got used to seeing Alex dancing with different guys and going missing for short periods of time during a evening when at one party, I noticed her missing along with Ron, so I went out the back door into the garden to find them. I made my way down a bush lined pathway to catch some movement in a summerhouse thru the glass windows.

I stood there trying to see more when a neighbour put a light on in a bathroom window which lit up the front of the summerhouse, I could make out Ron undoing the front of Alex's blouse to pull it off her shoulders as he bent his head to kiss her boobs, before undoing the bra to pull it off her as Alex moved her arms to help. His shovel like hands scooped up Alex's E cup boobs to put his lips all over them and suck on those hard nipples that stuck out like 2 door stops, I could see him sucking and biting on them which is enough to make Alex cum when horny like now, I saw Alex put her hand on the door handle to push the door open as she was obviously feeling the heat now and allowing me a better look at them both.

Then Alex told Ron to stop a minute he looked upset at being told to stop but a grin came across his face as Alex undid his trousers , puled his pants down releasing his cock, she held it in her small hands looked down at it before looking up at Ron's face to say well its certainly in proportion to the rest of you , its so big Ron ! I suppose I should have had a moment of jealousy but after everything Ron has done for me I thought well perhaps Alex is going to pay all that back on my behalf now.

I then watched as Alex took her pencil skirt off along with her small pair of nix and squatted down to lick along the length of Ron's cock , I could see Ron enjoying this young girl sucking his cock for him when she stopped stood up and said to Ron shall we see if we can get it to fit, Ron looked surprised and said I thought you were just going to suck it ? Alex said I can do that anytime and I just want to see if I can take this all inside me , Ron said I don't have a condom tho , Alex said no it will be fine , you are a big man Ron ! in more ways than one.

Alex pulled his t shirt off over his head , I want to feel your chest against my boobs , can we do it standing up can you hold me, Ron is a muscular man said yes easily Alex and took Alex by surprise by picking her up by her arse as she wrapped her legs around his and he lowered her down on to his waiting cock she said stop as she wet her fingers to wipe over the head of his cock as he slowly eased my Wife's pussy onto his huge cock , As Alex cried out its going in me Ron , but Fuck you are stretching my little pussy even tho its soaking wet , but you feel so good , so thick and tight , as Ron lifted her up slightly before dropping her a bit deeper .

I could hear Alex groan as she took more and more of his cock , then she took a loud gasp telling Ron , Fuck I have done it , I never thought I would get you all inside me as she kissed his face and lips , I felt proud of Alex as she slowly rode Ron's cock speeding up in between telling Ron she was coming again and again over his cock and with the added lubrication she was soon bouncing on his cock , As Ron looked to be tiring a bit as he told Alex he was going to fill her up as she said Yes , Do it Ron ! , please fill me give me all your cum , Ron gave a deep groan as Alex screamed with him , Ron said , Alex you will have everybody out here , she said I couldn't stop it, it felt so good !

They stepped apart Ron's cock dripping with their cum, Alex said Ron you have soaked me my pussy will be dripping all thru the night, I have never seen so much cum as she produced a tissue from her dress to try to mop it up, They kissed and began to get dressed as I crept away back to the party , I looked across the room to see Ron and Alex walk in both smiling, one lad Robbie from the grin on your faces we can see what you two have been doing, as I left the room to walk back in as if I had just come in and Alex came over to kiss me saying enjoying the party to me, I nodded saying yes its exciting isn't it.

Then Ron came over to chat with us both for awhile before we left after dropping him off at his house , well that's the first part of this story will type the follow up soon , hope you liked this a 1st attempt.