Written by Andy

11 Feb 2017

When my wife of 25 years, Laura, went on her work night out, I thought she’d be back by 11 and in bed with me by 11.30. However, it turned out very differently.

As she was getting ready I was feeling quite turned on seeing her putting on her sexy underwear, make up and getting dressed in her sexiest outfit. “I hope you’re not going to get chatted up by other men tonight” I commented. “Don’t worry”, she giggled, “I’ll be good”. I was a bit bothered because instead of the usual meal they were going to a bar with a disco, but she assured me she would only be dancing with her work mates – all female. As she left in the taxi I had a hard on thinking about her getting the attention of other men. I didn’t think much more about it and sprawled out in front of the TV to pass the time till she came back, hopefully to give me some fun in bed.

At about 9.30 my phone bleeped and I saw a message from one of her mates saying “take a look at this hot pic lol”. I opened an attached picture which blew my mind. It was my gorgeous wife with her arm around a young black lad, smiles all over their faces. It was followed by another a couple of second later with a message “she’s really into this guy”, which was Laura snogging the same man, their tongues in each other’s mouths. I was very jealous, but also very aroused so I rang Laura’s number, which was answered by Jenni, the girl who had sent the photos. “Can I speak to Laura” I asked anxiously. “Sorry”, replied Jenni above the sound of the music, “she’s on the dance floor doing a slowie with that lad I sent you the picture of, they’re all over each other; I think she really fancies him. I’ll send you another pic.” A couple of minutes later I got a picture of them in each others arms on the dance floor. His hand was on my wife’s sexy arse and her arms were around his neck, eyes closed with a look of passion on her face. I was getting desperate now, worried that my wife was going to end up in bed with this black lad. I rang again and got no reply. I’ll let Laura tell her side of the story before I give you the rest.

When we met up at the club and had a few drinks, this group of men came over to us and asked if they could join us at our table. They were obviously attracted by a group of about the same number of women as them, also on their own. We all chatted with them and then the asked if we could dance together as a group. As we were dancing a really sexy looking black lad named Mark started dancing nearest to me, looking me over and smiling. When we went to sit down he made sure he was next to me and started chatting with me. He offered to buy me a drink and while he was away the other girls commented that he seemed to like me. I was attracted to him but as a faithful wife I wasn’t intending for it to go any further. However, the other girls were egging me on, saying I was lucky to get the attention of such a young black stud and that they’d make sure they wouldn’t miss their chance with him if he was coming on to them. I have to admit I was beginning to be tempted, and thought back to my husband’s insecurities about black men because of their big cocks. Soon after he’d come back with the drinks, Mark asked if he could dance with me so we got up together. He really was sexy and I was enjoying the attention of a different, younger (I’m 47 – he was 29), fitter man than my husband Andy. The second dance after we got up was a slower number so we held hands as we danced together and I felt so sexy being with him. When we got back to the table he put his arm round me and Jenni took a picture of us. Mark was asking for my phone number but I didn’t want to give it in case he started texting me and my husband saw it. However, my mates seemed desperate to hook us up and they gave him my number. Mark whispered in my ear he’d love to go to bed with me. I said I was married and he said he didn’t care and in fact most of his previous girlfriends had been married women! They then did this dare thing where if he could drink his drink quicker than me I’d have to kiss him. Predictably I lost and that’s when we had the kiss that Jenni sent the picture of to Andy. The kiss was more passionate, than I’d expected and extremely enjoyable. I begged Laura not to send the picture to Andy as I knew how jealous he’d be, but she just giggled and said it would probably turn him on seeing me with a black guy. I was going to ring him to reassure him it was all just a joke, but Mark asked me to dance again and I thought a bit of teasing to Andy wasn’t too bad a thing – he’d be well hard for when I got home and we’d have a good shag together. The dance with Mark was much more of a slowie and he stared caressing my bum and pulling me close to him. I was getting really turned on by the feel of his fit young body against me and I could feel a huge bulge in his pants pressing into my pussy area. Andy’s comments about black guys was true after all! We kissed really passionately and he invited me to spend the night with him at his hotel room down the road. I was really tempted but I didn’t want to hurt Andy who I knew would be frantically wondering what was going on. At the end of the dance said goodbye to Mark, I slipped outside the bar, rang Andy, told him I was ok and was getting a taxi home.

When I got back Andy wanted to hear every detail of what had gone on and he gave me a really good shagging – far more energetic than usual. I have to admit that I was imagining it was Mark making love to me and wondering what his big black cock would have felt like in me.

Over the next few days Mark sent me lots of texts saying how much he’d enjoyed the night at the club, that he really fancied me and wanted to see me again. I showed them to Andy who to my surprise encouraged me to reply and admitted that the thought of the two of us together turned him on. He even confessed to having wanked off over the pictures whilst I was out at work one day! I kept replying (with Andy giving me ideas of what to write) telling Mark I fancied him to and saying I’d like to see him again too.

After a few days Andy said he would like me to spend the night with Mark, but it would have to be with him watching. I upped the odds by suggesting it should happen in our bed, as that seemed more sexy than some hotel room. Mark agreed to our suggestion, and I’ll let Andy tell the next part of the story.

When Laura agreed to have sex with Mark in front of me I was really turned on, but also wondered how it would actually feel to see them together in our bed. At last the day came when Mark arrived and I met the man who was going to be taking my wife right in front of me. When I saw him I wondered if I had made the wrong decision because he was so young, good looking and fit. He also had a confident air about him which made me think he was going to really enjoy making me feel jealous.

Laura was really hot for Mark from the minute he walked through the door and before long they were kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. She stood up and stripped for him and he groaned with delight at the sight of her big breasts, tight shaved pussy and sexy arse. She took his t shirt off to expose a muscular physique and then knelt before him to unzip him and pull his massive cock out. She smirked at me and began to kiss and suck it. I was hoping they would get carried away and have sex in the lounge as I was a bit reluctant for them to do it in our marital bed, but Laura moaned “take me up stairs and fuck me in front of him in the bedroom”. He didn’t need asking twice and within seconds we were up there with him lounging on the bed and her between his legs getting him hard with her tongue.

Mark told me to get naked too and I thought he was going to ask me to join in. His idea was different; he got Laura to say who had the best cock (him obviously at 5 inches bigger than mine) and who she wanted to shag. It was clear he wanted to humiliate me in front of her before he claimed his prize. “I’m sorry, Andy, I love you but I fancy him much more and I want to feel a big black cock inside me”. With that he got on top of her and slowly fed himself into her pussy as she looked me in the eyes and grinned. Very soon I was forgotten as they shagged passionately for ages. She was moaning him and telling him he was the best, bigger and sexier than me. Eventually they came together and I saw his cum dribbling out of her stretched pussy. As he got off her and they lay together I had the strange urge to eat her out, tasting the familiar sweetness of her amongst the large quantities of his sticky salty cum. It felt amazing to be licking another man’s sperm from my beloved wife’s vagina where I’d spent so many happy hours. Mark said: “eat it all up white boy, that’s what you deserve after a superior man’s been enjoying your wife”. To my amazement, Laura joined in and said “yes, Andy, you’re not going to enjoy me until I have spent hours in bed with Mark.”.

That afternoon he shagged her over and over again, telling her she was his girlfriend now, that she was hot and he’d want to be screwing her regularly. I was hoping she’d tell him it was a one off but she delighted in saying he was welcome in our bed anytime. As she sucked him off and came in her mouth he told her she deserved better than me and he’d make sure she got it.

After he’d gone, I made love with my wife like never before, enjoying the sticky feel of her pussy after another man had had her. She told me that she loved me and would never leave me as I was the love of her life. She thanked me for letting her experience Mark, but admitted that she did want him again. She promised to only do it in front of me but said that she would never refuse Mark either because he was so good and now he had rights as she was his girlfriend as well as my wife. I was a bit reluctant over this arrangement as I really hoped it would only be a one off. However I do really enjoying seeing them together, including the humiliation which Mark dishes out to me. Seeing him come inside her and licking her pussy afterwards in an amazingly powerful experience. Laura and I never make love in front of him so that keeps something special between us. At Mark’s insistence, and the encouragement of her mates who know all about this are pleased that they first got us together, Laura has broken her promise to always let me be there and is going a way for two weeks with him in April. As a compensation, Jenni’s agreed to move in with me while they are away. Jenni is quite hot and I’ve always fancied her but even her presence won’t make up for the knowledge that my wife will be away getting hot sex from a black man and I'll be left out of the picture. I just hope he doesn't persuade her to leave me