Written by Happyman

16 Dec 2011

Been working away for almost a month, the last few days the conversations with Tracy back home have become more like pure phone sex, I fly back tomorrow.

Flown 12 hours back from the states, jet lag beginning to take hold, taxi drops me off at the house, I’m tired it’s pretty dark, just a couple of weeks from Christmas.

The house is warm, its quiet, no kids, tree in the hall is the only light, sound of classical music from the lounge, I move toward the door, I see the note in the dim light, ‘you must be tired, take a seat’.

Opening the lounge door, by the flickering light of the fire I see a chair in the corner of the room, I move toward it and sit, in the dim light I can make out the silhouette of a figure, Tracy I murmur the jet lag and heat in the lounge taking its toll.

‘Tracy?’ I say again……her silhouette becomes more visible, just as I move to stand up, a hand presses firmly on my shoulder and I’m pressed back into my seat, at the same time Tracy’s voice says huskily ‘enjoy darling’ a rope is passed round my midriff and round the chair, it can’t stop me from moving but I get the point.

Simultaneously the lounge lights are raised slightly as two or three more candles are lit, I see Tracy’s arms are tied up high above her head with a rope back to a timber beam, she is naked, her ribs can clearly be seen, her small tits stretched flat, her cunt is shaved clean, her body covered in body oil, glistening in the candle light, she is wearing 6” black stilettos, her ankles are spread wide by her 32” stainless steel leg spreaders.

The candles are lit by three guys, strong athletic, like altar boys on steroids, they too are naked apart from black boxer shorts.

One of them moves toward Tracy and places clamps on her small pert nipples, Tracy screams, he also places his hand hard on her cunt and rubs franticly, Tracy starts to squeal, ‘oh my god’ she says, ‘you dirty fuckin bastard’ she shouts’ next he pulls out a dildo and pushes it straight into her cunt, deep, very deep, Tracy calls out to me, I try to move from the chair, she says ‘no darling’ I settle back, he then cuts the rope and Tracy falls toward the floor, one of the other men catch her as she falls, her hands are still tied, she is draped over our leather buffet in the centre of the room.

My cock is rock hard, it’s straining in my jeans; I open my fly and start to rub myself.

One guy pulls Tracy up by her hips, another stands behind her ready to fuck her, as her ass is raised the guy behind her pulls down his shorts and pushes his cock deep into her cunt, he fucks her hard deep and very fast, the third guy picks Tracy’s head up and pushes his cock into her mouth, both are taking no prisoners, fucking both her holes with violence, the third guy slips out of his shorts and crouches under Tracy on his back on the buffet, he pushes his cock toward her cunt already occupied by one young thrusting cock, the guy fucking her cunt pulls out and the other guy enters from below, the guy who was fucking her cunt now pushes his sopping cock toward her ass, and without much warming up he pushes his cock deep into Tracy’s dark hole.

She is full of cock, all I can hear are mumbles and gagging as her mouth is being fucked so hard, much harder than I ever have, one young stud holding and pulling her hair, the other two fucking her cunt and ass at pace, it is savage, they start to cum in turn, the first guy spurts down her throat and pulls out cumming over her face, then the guy in her cunt spunks hard then in turn the stud in her ass.

As soon as they are spent they are up, they move away from Tracy leaving her exhausted on the buffet in the centre of the room, I’m taken back with emotion that Tracy would arrange all this for me.

As I relax with the memory of the action in my mind still tugging my cock, I feel my arms clasped and the guy who had just fucked Tracy’s ass has mounded the chair in front of me, I smell sex on him, his knees on the chair arms and his groin in my face, he pushes his semi hard cock toward my mouth and I accept it hungrily, I taste Tracy’s cunt, ass and his cum all at once in my mouth, his cock begins to harden as I suck it hard, he begins to fuck my face, gripping the back of my head, I feel his shaven groin against my face as I take him deep, I shake my arms they are released and I grip his firm ass pulling him deep into me gagging on his cock, I’m almost sick, then his spurts wads of cum down my throat, I feel his cock on my lips as he pulls out and then they are gone, I hear the three men laughing in the hallway as they change, the door slams and the house is silent again.