27 Jan 2017

Friday the weather was cool I got back from work early and there was no one on the loungers, I knocked on Chantel’s door but no answer. The girl on reception said a lot of the Germans had gone on a day out due to the weather, that’s where I thought Chantelle must be.

I went for a swim in the underground pool for a while then into the sauna, I had not been in the sauna long when a shadow came over the window in the door it was Chantelle she said she was coming in. I was naked sitting on a towel when she came in wrapped in a towel which she unfolded to show she was completely naked underneath. She had a neat little landing strip just above her slit I stared as she sat next to me and I apologised for being late the previous night and missing her. She said it was okay and asked me if I had a nice massage and had I given Sharon one! She said it with a big grin over her face. I replied yes I had.

She said her shoulder was aching now after our tennis and would I give it a rub, of course I said, so she moved onto the lower bench sitting between my knees and I started rubbing her shoulder as I was slowly massaging her shoulder she leant forward and said the pain was going all the way down her back.

I told her to lie on the bench and I would rub it, she turned her head and said wouldn’t we be more comfortable in your room. A minute later we were in the lift wrapped in our towels carrying our clothes. As we got into my room I went to close the curtains I had opened before and as I turned around Chantelle just dropped the towel and walked across to me.

We kissed as she took my towel off and took hold of my prick and started wanking it. We both sort of fell onto the bed not wanting to let go hands everywhere. It was quite a frenzy the look on her face was exquisite when my prick slid inside we were rolling around and ended up with Chantelle on top riding me while I sucked on those little pert tits.

I could feel my cum starting to rise and told her I was close to coming she then jumped off and took my prick in her mouth her tongue licking over my bell end. I dragged her over me so we were in a 69 she pushed her pussy onto my face and literally rode my face with my tongue and my nose going in her pussy and arse.

As I started to come so did she we both drank down each other’s come.

She collapsed into my arms and we could taste our come on each other’s lips.

I said to her that was a surprise, and she told me that the night before she had got ready early and came to my room about 7.15 and was just about to knock when she heard the sound of moaning and stopped and listened at the door for a while, then she heard Sharon coming, then realised that not only was she rubbing her pussy and was so turned on, but she was also jealous of the fucking Sharon was getting.

I jokingly said you should have knocked on the door and joined us, I would have loved too she said. I asked her had she ever been in a threesome before and she told me her history.

It wasn’t long before she went off to University she and her best friend used to stay over at each other’s house and one would pretend to be a boy and kiss and suck the other ones tits while fingering her. This ended in a full blown affair until one night her friend’s mother walked into the bedroom to see what the noise was and caught them in a 69.

Their parents split them up, after that she had a couple of boyfriends one of which took her cherry before Uni.

At Uni she was drawn to a girl who was bi like her and they used to go out and pick up a lad who thought he was in heaven having 2 girls at a time. Eventually the other girl got into a relationship with one of the lads that had them both together, and feelings got in the way and the friend and lad moved in together.

Not long after that she met the lad she had lived with for the past 7 years, she told me that he had the looks, plenty of money from a wealthy family and was a good catch except he was totally vanilla, sex was missionary only no oral, and she had put up with it for all these years. When she had heard us last night something in her sort of snapped.

All the time she is telling me this her hand was slowly playing with my prick until it was hard again and I was rubbing her slit. She climbed on me and we had a slow screw until she came I did not. We drifted off to sleep for a while then we got ready she put on a short summer dress and went to the same restaurant.

Later when we got back to the hotel we decided to have a walk down to the hotel beach we sat on a sun lounger, I started joking that this is where the Romeo wanted to bring her, but she said she would not have done this with him, and started opening my belt and jeans and got my prick out and started sucking me. After a few minutes she stood up and slid her thong down and off, I laid back on the lounger and she climbed onto me and slid my prick into her.

As we rocked together I told her I could see some shadows and that people might be watching including the Romeo. That seemed to make her wetter and she said let them watch, at that I slid her dress up so anyone stood behind would have a good view of her pussy sliding up and down on my cock. That seemed to do the trick and she came moaning out loud with me filling her pussy at the same time. We giggled like kids as we went back inside.

Saturday morning, I had no work and we had a slow screw in the spoons position before we got up, after breakfast I suggested as it was her last day we go out down to the beach together. I had a hire car for the duration and we were soon driving along the coast to a spot that I was told about and had been on my last trip. When we got to this remote spot there were 2 other cars.

As we climbed down to the little rocky cove she saw the people there were naked, she said she had not been on a naturist beach since before she left France.

As we set our towels down nearest to us about 15 feet away was a woman in her 30s with 2 men one either side all three were shaved. On the other side of them an older couple in their 50s I’d guess.

As we stripped all eyes were on Chantelle and I reckoned she was giving then a show as she kept bending over. We settled down in the sun for a while when she asked me to put some suntan cream on her, I did her back then her legs, working my way up by the time I was rubbing it in her bum everyone was watching and the two men were slowly playing with their pricks. I spent plenty of time rubbing cream into her bum and pussy, soon as I finished I asked her if she would do me and she knelt up and was giving everyone else a good view of her wet pussy as she did me.

We had been relaxing for a while when we decided to go for a dip to cool off, messing around in the water she grabbed my dick and started wanking it, no one could see as the water was neck high. I returned the favour and started rubbing her pussy, she soon put her legs around me and slid my prick in and we rocked in the water. No one could see but they could tell what we were doing, suddenly she swam off and got out leaving me to swim around till my prick went down. As I was going to get out I noticed the older couple had gone and Chantelle was talking with the others. One of the 2 men came in the water and we started chatting they were English and lived in Cyprus. He told me that this was their favorite beach and at night was a good place for dogging.

Eventually we said our goodbyes and left, back at the hotel Chantelle went to do some packing and get ready. Part 4 to follow.