Written by Rdc1970

18 Apr 2014

I thought I would share with you a little fun we had recently. I was working late at the office one evening a few months ago when Sue texted me to say that she was heading up to our favourite car park in half an hour to see what action there was.

We have not yet played with anyone else but do enjoy the thrill of going to this car park from time to time. Sue always dresses up very sexily but would perhaps pull out of things if someone else turned up. But we are getting more and more daring and it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves being watched surreptitiously.

Anyway, I quickly finished what I was doing and left the office for the short drive to the car park, one that is close by to the small town where we live outside London. I was there for just a couple of minutes when Sue drove in. She deliberately parked some way from my car. I turned the engine off and was about to get out when Sue's door opened. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing a short, blue minidress with white thigh-length boots with wickedly high heels. She strode confidently over to my car and I opened my window. Sue had put luscious red lipstick on and in a sultry voice said that she didn't have long and asked if was interested in some action. Of course, I said and opened the car door. Sue pulled me up out of the seat towards her and kissed me deeply, pulling my body up against her. She reached down and felt my cock through my jeans. She whispered that she didn't have long since she had told her husband that she was just popping out to the shops and would only be an hour. But added that she just had to get some cock because she wasn't getting much at home. I replied that I could not believe anyone could neglect such a gorgeous, sexy woman.

Sue crouched down in front of me and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to release my semi-hard cock. Mmmmm, she sighed as she pulled me towards her and deep into her waiting mouth. She sucked me deeply for a minute or two until I was rock hard and then stood up straight and looking me directly in the eye she said that she needed cock in her pussy now. With her high heels she was the same height as me and my hand went down her back and up her dress to discover that she was not wearing any knickers. Her pussy was already wet as I slipped a couple of fingers in from behind and although I am several inches taller than her, with her heels she was just the right height to let my cock slip into her smooth, moist pussy. She allowed me to bite her neck as I fucked her, saying that she had not had a cock this good for such a long time. We fucked for several minutes, at one point me lifting her up with my cock still inside her and turning around leaning her on the bonnet of my car to drive my cock in further and further. I felt Sue's pussy tightening and knew at she was going to cum, which she did very loudly and very sexily. If anyone was near by they definitely would have heard her squeals of pleasure. Her pussy contracted tightly around my cock and I felt it loosen and then tighten again repeatedly for several seconds as her juices flowed all over me. She gasped that she had not had such a good fuck for years and that she wanted me to cum in her mouth since it was ages since she had tasted warm cum which she loved. I agreed, but said that I wanted her not to spit it out but to keep as much in her mouth as possible until she got home. I told her I wanted her to kiss her husband with my cum still in her mouth like the naughty little slut that she was. Sue readily agreed and crouching down took my cock in her mouth once more. This time I could not last long since my cock was now on fire. As she took me deeper into her throat, I started to cum loads, first down her throat and then as she started to gag, she pulled back and a jet landed across her face. She continued to lick me and suck me for a minute and then stood up to kiss me. After tonguing me deeply for several seconds, she straightened her hair and dress and thanked me for the fuck but said that she should get back to her husband. I asked her if I could have her mobile to arrange another meet but she said no, that she loved the fuck and hoped to see me down there again but did not want to start a relationship. She said she would try to come back the same time the following week if I was interested and I readily agreed to be there.

I drove home the quickest way, down a country lane that Sue tends to avoid. I was back a few minutes when Sue walked in. I said wow when I saw her since she was dressed so sexily in her thigh boots and short dress. Her hair looked just a little messy but she looked gorgeous, almost in a wanton, sexy way. She said that she wanted to look good for me and pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply, something that she would not normally do. Her tongue darted around mine and whilst I loved the spontaneity of the kiss, I could not help tasting something else on her tongue, almost like cum, but surely not. She pulled away and with a lovely smile said that she adored me and we should try to have some fun later after the kids went to bed. We fucked that night long and hard and Sue came loads. I loved the way her pussy was already really wet by the time we went to bed...

I will keep you updated on our little adventures...