25 Sep 2017

My story goes back to 1993 we hadn't long ben married. My wife Stella has long blonde curly hair and she is tall for a woman with long sexy legs and big tits and a modest size 12. She worked as an office clerk for a warehouse and always dressed to impress, she's a typical girlie girl and loved to wear sexy lace underwear stockings and painted toe nails.

I had always harboured thoughts of her cheating on me either behind my back or right in front of me watching. I always enjoyed reading men's magazines especially the readers wife's section where they would cheat on their husbands and fuck another man, today it is the more popular porn genre of cuckold. I loved to watch her get ready for work especially when she selected her underwear and stockings. Stella knew that my fantasy was for her to fuck another man in front of me or behind my back as I had blurted it out to her one evening after sex.

Stella had been working on a lot lately but there seemed to be a pattern when a young sales rep called Chris was at he depot. I knew he fancied her and I think she had a thing for him too. They had a sneaky smooch at the works night out the Christmas earlier when a slow song came on, I noticed her office manager look over to me and say "I knew this would happen", I pretended not to hear or see the two colleagues getting close. I also noticed Stella rubbing his cock up and down through his trousers and they were both giggling while dancing. I could also make out Chris saying to Stella " I'd love to fuck you".

One particular morning she had gotten ready for work, she had painted her toenails pink wore nude seamed stockings and taupe colour high heels. She was wearing ivory colour lace matching underwear bra and thong and suspenders belt. She looked sexy as fuck, slightly slutty but not dirty. "I'm going to be late tonight I got a lot of work to do" she said. I bet Chris is at the depot I thought to myself. "I don't need a lift home from work, Chris will drop me off" she said.

Stella was really late that evening 2 hours to be precise, and she came home to me in a mess. As she walked through the door I heard a car pull off. She had a wry smile on her face of smug satisfaction she looked sexy as hell. "Today I fulfilled your fantasy" she said, "you what" I said. She took off her coat down to her chiffon blouse and skirt then pointed to her neck, I couldn't believe my eyes as Stella had the biggest love bite you could see. The cheeky bastard I thought, but inside my pants my cock began to get hard I was turned on as hell. Then Stella hitched up her skirt slowly and sexily while looking at me, rising above her stocking tops and suspender belt right up to her pussy which showed her neatly blonde trimmed bush but her pussy lips looked red and puffy. I also noticed her lips glistening and her pubic hairs were matted. Then it hit me, where's her thong?

"Chris fucked me" she said.

"Where's your thong" I said.

"I gave it to him as a souvenir" Stella said.

It looked like he gave her a souvenir too her pussy was oozing his cum around her lips.

"I'll tell you all what happened in detail" she said.

Close to 5pm all the other workers had left for the day just leaving Stella and Chris in the building. She was working at her desk when Chris got up and closed the blinds then went to the main building door and locked it. She knew something was about to happen and had butterflies in her stomach, just before he re entered the office she got up to put some paperwork on his desk. She turned around and he was stood right in front of her with a smile on his face. These two were on a collision course to fuck for ages and now it was about to happen. My wife of only a couple of months was about to break her wedding vows and take another mans cock other than her husbands.

Chris made a move and began to kiss Stella she responded right away and kissed him back passionately. He was touching her legs and feeling her stocking tops and suspenders she gasped as his hands were all over her. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse undid her bra and began to suck her nipples and began to finger her wet pussy. While he did this Stella had unzipped his fly and began to stroke Chris's cock. She said he had a big cock about 8 inches almost 2 inches bigger than mine. Then she started to undo his shirt and began to kiss and gently bite his chest working her way down to his belly. Next she did what she does best and sank to her stocking clad knees and got out his cock from his trousers and began to suck him off.

She pulled his foreskin over his cock head and disappeared into her mouth every know and then she ran her tongue up and down his shaft before devouring her new lovers cock into her mouth again. He had loads of pre cum as she pulled from his cock it joined her mouth and Chris. Just then she did something that to this day she has never done to me, she told Chris to sit on the edge of the desk. He did as he was asked, then Stella lifted his legs in the air and began to suck his balls and then began to tongue his ass. He moaned in pleasure as her tongue expertly probed in and out and around his shithole.

He got up and bent Stella over the desk lifted her skirt and with his finger and thumb pulled her thong to one side. "I'm going to fuck you now" he said.

"Please fuck me Chris put your big cock in me, but please don't cum in me I'm not in the pill" she said.

He guided his cock to her love hole and placed the head to the entrance of my wife's unprotected vagina. He eased the head in gently then with one last thrust put his entire length up my wife's pussy and began to fuck her from behind over the desk with long hard strokes. He fucked her really hard as my wife took his big cock all the way inside her, as he assaulted my wife's vagina he was also gently holding her curly blonde hair. The two new lovers were gasping and moaning with their new found pastime the Chris told Stella to sit on the desk as he wanted to see her face while he fucked her.

He pulled her thong off now and held her stockinged legs with his arms and began to fuck my wife again with him on top of her. She had cum on his cock and was really excited, as the stud fucked the shit out of my wife he put his body on her and their faces met and they snogged with passion while sexing my wife. He then began to suck her neck and gave her a love bite, he quickened his thrusts and told Stella he was about to cum.

"Please don't cum in me" she said.

"Oh yes I'm going to cum and I'm going to cum in your pussy I'm not pulling out" Chris said.

In her excitement she yelled back "Oh fuck yeah cum in my pussy give me something to take home to my husband" she said.

That took him over the edge and he nutted his sperm into my wife's unprotected vagina. They lay like that for a while before starting all over again with Chris taking my wife three times nutting in her pussy twice and smearing his cum on her neat blonde bush, and the third time he came in her mouth with her swallowing his cum. After their sexing she stuffed her thong in his pocket and shortly after he drove her home to me.

What I did to her? Well that's another story.