Written by buildertype

23 Aug 2018

I wrote the last time about watching my Wife Amy ( Fit for Fucking ) with a Work colleagues partner in the nearby woodland , well I went into work on the following Monday and I was called in to see my Boss, he said he had a job he wanted me to do, which involved a site visit in Northern Ireland and I would probably need someone to go along with me to help measure things up, I was to fly over on the Wednesday , so I began to make some plans and gather up any equipment needed, I got called back in the office on the Tuesday to be told the only person who they could spare was a Woman called Tina , but she said she knows you , as you both started here the same time, so I was asked if I was happy to go out there with Tina ? , as I pretended to think about it for a moment , I said yes I have no problems with that.

I went back into the office and about a hour later Tina came over to see me at my desk, she smiled and said , so you are taking me away are you for a night at a Hotel and laughed and on the company as well, she asked me did she need to bring anything I said no just yourself and something to change into in the evening in case we have to go out to entertain the Client. I told her I would pick her up in my car early the next morning to take her to the Airport, I told Amy that I was flying out with Tina the next morning and wouldn't be back till late Thursday, Amy didn't seem to impressed by that as I packed my case and had a early night as I had to get up early for the flight.

The next morning I picked up Tina from her house and we set off to the Airport about a hours drive away , as I drove I noticed Tina looked very smart in a top and skirt with her heels and told her she looked nice , as she said pleased you like , what about these then as she hitched her skirt up and showed me she had stockings on as I know you like these !

I ran my hand over her thigh to feel her bare skin above the tops of her stockings , as she told me she had shaved her pussy for me the night before as she moved down in the seat so my fingers touched her warm and wet pussy, while Tina ran her fingernails over my growing cock in my trousers.

It didn't take long to get to the Airport as we were so early , so we chatted an kissed in the car park with me fingering Tina's pussy as she had now pulled my cock free, Tina said shall I help you get rid of that hard cock of yours otherwise the security might think you are smuggling a gun in your trousers, as she pushed me back in my seat and leaned over to lick and suck my cock. I watched as Tina sucked my cock which she happens to be very good at, as it didn't take long as I ran my fingers thru her hair for her to make me explode in her mouth , Tina said she would have preferred to sit on it , but didn't want to turn up at the meeting with a stain on her skirt as you make me so wet and horny !

We tidied ourselves made our way inside to await the departure time over a coffee in the café , when Tina told me that she thought Rob her partner had been sneaking off most evenings using different stories and Tina had guessed he was meeting my Wife Amy . I asked why she thought that as she told me one night he came in and she was feeling horny and pulled Rob's shorts off him as he sat in their lounge and began to lick an suck his cock , she could smell an taste that he had been fucking another woman's pussy.

I told her well Amy has been going out running in the evenings lately, Tina said I don't mind but think we are getting left out , so anytime you fancy a suck or fuck give me a call as you have got my number now, as she added I think maybe you should come over to us again for another night of fun in the Hot tub, I agreed as I had enjoyed myself and obviously Amy & Rob had as they are carrying it on .

We got on the plane and Tina was in a teasing mood running her fingernails over my cock most of the short flight and hitching her skirt up to show some stocking top , I did get off the plane looking as if I had a pistol down my trousers to the amusement of a Stewardess as she had noticed what Tina had been up to during the flight We got a Hire car made our way to the site to meet Mike our contact , he showed us around chatting about the job , we had a look at some drawings over a cuppa, I kept noticing Mike sneaking a look at Tina as she sat down having a drink with her legs crossed showing a bit of stocking top again.

I said to Mike was it ok if I took some photos to get a outline of the site , he said yes fine! I walked off leaving him to chat to Tina , I was gone awhile having taken my photos , came back to find Tina and Mike had vanished after about 10 minutes or so , they came around the corner both smiling . Then Mike said I have told Tina about a Pub just down the road if you want some food as I have a meeting now and you will want to measure up, I said ok and Tina took my hand and we made our way down the road for some lunch at the Pub.

We chatted over some lunch and I asked her where they had gone too earlier, Tina told me he had commented on her wearing stockings and wanted to show her a model of the site we were working on in a upstairs office , she said he had followed behind her going up the stairs looking up her skirt , when they got to the office he said he could help secure the order if she was prepared to do something for him . So Tina asked what that might be , Mike said he would love to see her pussy and maybe she would suck him as she had made him feel very horny, I said so did you or have I got to say something to him ? , Tina said well as we are a team I thought I would help you get this order and maybe this might happen again if we are successful here.

As Tina told me she took her skirt off and Mike had gone on to his knees to kiss her pussy and taste it , before dropping his trousers and sitting back in the chair as Tina knelt between his legs to lick an suck his cock , she said he didn't last long , I told her I was not surprised with her sucking him, we finished our lunch and went back to site . We set about measuring up and after catching up with Mike again it was nearly 7pm , time for us to leave and make our way to our Hotel, we arrived and got to reception ,where Tina said we booking in as Mr & Mrs then as we can have a double room then, so we made our way to our room , unpacked our cases , I went over to Tina kissed her and asked her if she fancied a shower she said Yes , as we watched each other strip .

Now Tina is a horny little devil and as son as we were in the shower she squatted down to suck my cock when she was satisfied as to its hardness , I pulled her up to kiss her as my hands roamed over her body and I lifted her up against the wall to suck on her hard nipples , she was groaning as I did that , then told me that she really fancied me as I was so different to the other men she has been with , I asked what she meant . Then Tina told me she could see I liked a woman to look their best always and that I was proud of the woman on my arm , as she said she could see that when ever I was with Amy and that I like to see a woman well dressed and looking good and sexy , as well as knowing how to please a girl rather than just wham , bam !

I was a bit surprised at what she said but she obviously liked what I did, as I kissed her and slowly eased her down onto my throbbing cock which had been dripping pre cum , she wrapped her legs around me and began to bounce and ride me like a horse , we were both so horny for each other it wasn't long till we both had come in a explosive climax.

We were both so hot we stayed under the shower to wash each other off and cool down, we got out to change as Tina was ready for a drink , I watched her as she rolled her stockings up her legs and eased her skirt over her hips leaving her still naked underneath , slipping a top on with her lipstick and heels , we made our way to the bar hand in hand .

We sat at the bar waiting for a table as I stroked between her thighs as she had lifted her skirt up again to show me her stockings , while now and again she would scratch at the bulge in my trousers with her fingernails saying tonight she would be fucking me in bed , not Amy, when I told Tina hang on and went thru my phone as I have a app on there tied to my alarm camera system at home , I flicked thru as we watched Amy getting dressed after coming out of our bathroom , as Tina said she is very pretty and has a lovely body , wish mine was like hers, I told Tina she was fine as she is. I flicked on a bit more and a pic of our front door came up and who should be there but Rob looking smarter than I had seen him in awhile. .

We watched as Amy answered let him in and they stood holding and kissing in our hallway, as Tina said I might have known with us being away together he would be straight round to see Amy, Rob held Amy then moved his hands down the front of her blouse to open it up to his eyes, then we were interrupted as we were told a table was free so we went to have our meal , that is all for now but will follow up with the next part, TBC