7 Nov 2015

A couple of years ago, the company i worked for organised a Christmas works party, was being held in a hotel as there were people coming from across the country and it was decided it would be fair if they all had somewhere to sleep, which meant there was a good turn out for the party. I was an Administrator looking after several Engineers, so while i used to talk to most of them daily, i had no idea what some of them looked like so was very much looking forward to putting faces to the names and voices.

On arrival, we were introducing ourselves as new people turned up, was all very much fun and the drink was flowing. A good night was being had by all. I spent a lot of the night talking to Matt, one of my guys from Birmingham and near the end of the night, was sat talking to him while he massaged my feet. What i didn't know at the time was he could see up my skirt at that time, eventually commented how sexy my legs and thong looked. I flushed with embarrassment as it suddenly dawned on me i was feeling very comfortable with him. At the end of the night, we were all saying our goodbyes, he asked to escort me back to my room as i was very drunk at this time, i agreed. When we got to my room, i mumbled asking him if he wanted coffee, there was no alcohol in the rooms! He agreed, came in, put the kettle on, by this time, i had laid on the bed and passed out. I woke up a little later in just my thong, under the covers, he was still there, i was a little shocked but he explained he hadn't touched me but thought i would be more comfortable without my tight dress on. I could feel i hadn't been touched, believed him, told him so, but at this time, felt a little sexy as he was looking me up and down. I asked him if he liked what he saw, he told me i looked very sexy, how he would love to feel me, at that point a little alarm went off in my head, worried about cheating, but i ignored it, was suddenly feeling very sexy. I stood up shakily, looked at him, then slowly pulled my thong down and let it fall to the floor, i stepped out of my thong and stood in front of him.

He was staring at my body, i suddenly felt conscious of the fact i was married, stood naked in front of a guy i had only seen for the first time that night, but he started commenting on my body, told me how sexy my tits looked, how he loved to see a shaven smooth pussy etc. i let him pull me towards him, let him kiss me hard, felt a rush of naughty excitement rush through me. He pulled away, started to take his clothes off, his body looked so sexy, i melted back into his arms again for another hard kiss, i felt his cock growing between my legs, turned me on. I knelt down in front of him and too his cock in my mouth, sucked him hard, felt so naughty to have his cock in my mouth, i sucked his balls as well, really loving what i was doing while he moaned in pleasure. After a while, he stood me up, pushed me back on the bed, opened my legs and began to expertly suck and lick my clit and pussy, it was like an explosion going off in my head, the sensations were amazing, i could feel my body shaking as he was licking me, squeezing my tits hard then pulling on my nipples, i couldn't hold on and came so hard i screamed out, at the end of my orgasm, i had to ask him to stop as i my body gets ultra sensitive after i cum and need to just lay there for a couple of minutes to savor it all.

After a couple of minutes, i leant over to him, pulled him onto me, opened my legs wide, felt him push against my pussy lips, i reached down and giuded his cock into my hole, it felt so sexy, so naughty, could feel him slowly pushing into me, he was definitely making love to me, it felt sensual, erotic. I could feel him building up to his orgasm, which when he did cum, im sure i could feel inside me, it made me cum as well, he carried on for a little longer until his hardness went, we were laid next to each other spent, i could feel his cum running between across my ass onto the sheets.

We cuddled for a little while before i mentioned it would probably be better is he went back to his own room, he agreed. We have spoken about it since but have agreed we shouldn't meet up again, but i do still have very sexy memories of that night