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Worth keeping in touch

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Been chatting to a guy for a while and never been able to find time when we were both free to have a little fun.

Well this wet cold day loomed, and I was far from cold but was certainly very wet. I had decided on a fun day and set about finding a ‘victim’ as I sometimes call the guys I choose to meet.

Browsing through the meets section nothing caught my eye, they all seemed to want you to travel to them, unfortunately I have no transport.

Ok pop some porn on and post an advert to outline my preferences for today.

‘Naked lady alone this morning needing certain holes exploring.’ Must be clean and shaven both ends with a cock to be proud of plus a visible recent face pic.

Withing 15 mins of posting I had a full mail box.  Sifting quickly through and deleting the ones without a face pic, who lived 3 days flight away or just wanted to wank on cam talking on the phone.

Left with 3 options I struck up conversations with them all to ascertain some level of intelligence and compatibility.  

Guy 1 was rather yummy looking in his 30’s but had the annoying ability to ignore any questions I asked and dictate what HE thought I needed.  Pop this one on ignore.

Guy 2 was in his 40’s well endowed and after a few lines of conversation it became obvious all he  wanted was to please me by worshiping my feet depostit cum over them and pay for such privilege. So not for me it was my cunt and arse I needed worshiping not my feet thanks. Polite No thanks sent. Blocked after begging started.  

Guy 3 was also in his 40’s and sounded as if he could well be fun then if transpires he could only play when his wife was out and in the evening. As I was after fun that morning and his wife was not in the equation I wondered why she was mentioned.  Thanks sunshine but no can do.

Back to the rest of the messages that had arrived and low and behold the guy I had been chatting to for a while was amongst them. Yesssss this could be it. I didn’t need to evaluate his suitability I just needed him to get himself here asap. Address given and I jokingly said bring a mate if you want as I logged off and nipped to pop door on the latch and visit the bathroom to freshen my bits.

Rubber sheet and towel on bed cos I can get messy, with a few toys on chair by the bed I lay back with a glass of water to wait in anticipation.

Door went and a hello shouted up to me. I told him to come up and he did followed by a rather handsome lad in his 20’s red faced and about to apologize when Tony introduced him as his apprentice Steve and pointed out I did say bring a mate.

I laughed and agreed I had, asking apprentice in what ?  Ice was broken and the lad relaxed sat down on the chair, moving the toys to the table, still gazing at me naked on the bed but with a visible hard on showing through his jeans.

Tony had stripped down and was also sporting a rather beautiful hard cock I could not resist taking in my mouth and sucking. Enjoying the fact I was also being watched as I sucked cock licked balls and ran my fingers along Tony’s arse crack. I was getting wetter by the second and slipping about a bit on the rubber sheet. Tony noticed and pushed me back opening my legs and exposing my dripping cunt. ‘ Hey Steve don’t just sit there taste this ‘ he said. I groaned at the thought as I watched the lad  take his top and trousers off. He was commando and his cock sprang from his pants. Wow it was gorgeous circumcised and quite wide, bigger than Tony’s. My clit gave an involuntary twitch and my juices flowed more. Steve was soon on his knees and head between my legs lapping at me like his life depended on it. It felt wonderful I closed my eyes for a while and enjoyed the sensation. When I opened them I was surprised to see Tony on his knees riming Steves arse. Fuck how horny was this I loved bi guys. Steve was moaning and still lapping at me fingers inside me when I gushed all over his face and hands. He came up spluttering and laughed. Got to his feet wiping his face as I sat up and took his cock in my mouth. Tony got on the bed and offered his cock toward Steves mouth. What a sight that was i could see all in my mirrored wardrobe doors. Steve sucking and being sucked.  

Tony dropped to his knees on the bed and told me to get on my knees and suck him. I did as I was told Steve lent over me cock rubbing along my crack as he squeezed me breasts kissing my neck. He asked me what hole he was allowed to enter and gasping I said he could choose. He slipped his cock into my pulsating cunt and slowly moved it in and out as his thumb worked my arsehole. This lad maybe young but boy he knew how to play. Tony was slowly wanking his own cock watching now calling me all the dirty bitches under the sun. I flopped my front down cocking my arse higher moaning with pleasure. Tony straddled over my head spat on my arse as Steve slipped out of my cunt and aimed for my arsehole. Slowly entering me he pushed in near on full length the sensation was absolutely wonderful I was covered in goosebumps and my legs were wobbly as he slowly worked up a rhythm taking me faster and faster and I begged for more boy did I beg. Tony had got off the bed and his fingers were working my clit and cunt hole as Steve fucked my arse. The whole sensation was mind blowing and my head was swimming as I had the most enormous orgasm going, every muscle tightened and I shook from head to foot. Steve shouted he was going to cum and withdrew his cock and shot an enormous amount all over my back. He flopped back on the chair as I flattened myself out on the bed.  Tony rolled me over and I slipped about on all Steves cum he pulled me toward him. Entering my cunt in one swift movement he proceeded to fuck me. Steve had soon recovered, much to my amazement, and was wanking watching as I was gasping at each stroke Tony made. Tony wasn’t long before he announced he was cumming and he pulled out and shot all over my tummy. Steve stood up and rubbed it all over me as he wanked on asking if I was ready for another load. I said please as he wiped his cum covered hands over my face bent and kissed me then straightened up and added his 2nd load that shot into my hair over my tits and face.

Exhausted we all laughed and said what a fun session. Both guys quickly jumped into a shower and left me to recover on the bed, I was in a total mess and couldn’t move. They dressed and left thanking me for being obliging. All I could say was no thank you. I do hope they return.

 Best clean the mess up put the not needed toys away and shower myself.  Then I think its nap time am done well and truly done but grinning like the cat that had ALL the cream.

Written by _loz_

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