Written by boltonlad

27 Nov 2009

my wife has been fucking other men with my blessing as she knows how much it turns me on when she is out and I am at home imagining what is going on !!!!

She usually goes down town with her mate Margeret who is divorced and on the look out for a fella.

Anyhow Margeret had met someone and consequently she and my missus ended up going to this fellas local instead of down town, they still had their girls night out and I still got a massive buzz watching and helping her to get ready to go out.

One week Pat told me that they were going to a Ladies night at Haydock races this was a trip organised by the pub that they had been going to.

On the day of the trip I as usual helped her to get ready, she put on a white pencil type skirt and a black and white halter neck top finished off with a pair of black high heel "mules" she looked very proper and respectable but from behind you could catch a glimpse of her tits which turned me on thinking that other men might be able to see her boobs !!

I waited at home whilst she went off on her night out until eventually she rang me to say that they were back at the pub and that Margeret and her bloke were going back to his place and could I go and pick her up. i told her that I wold set off straight away and I would be there in about 10 minutes.

I set off and arrived at the pub parking up at the front of it on the car park but there was no sign of my wife, I waited and waited but still no sign of her and after about 40 minutes I was getting a bit naffed off !!!!! I carried on waiting in the car then suddenly she appeared at the side of the car having come from round the side of the pub ??

She jumped into the passenger seat leant over and gave me a big kiss and before I could say anything she took my hand and put it between her legs and said "guess what I have been doing?" As my hand went up her legs I could feel that they were wet !!!!

She then told me that she had just been fucked over the bonnet of a car only about 5 yards from where I was parked !!!!!

She told me to take her home and she would tell me all about it........ I couldnt get home quick enough !!

At home she told me about the night at the races telling me that plenty of blokes had been chatting her up and buyig her drinks so that she was very tipsey, anyhow when they arrived back at the pub Margerets fella was there waiting for her with his mate, a few more drinks were had then Margeret decided that she was going to his house and that was when my wife rang to ask me to pick her up. She told me that she then went to the pub door to wait for me when this mate of Bills turned up next to her saying that he would keep her company. She told me that he had been flirty all night and had been commenting on her tits being on view and that she had liked his cheeky flirty banter.

He then started to stroke her bum and then kissed her on the mouth my wife enjoyed this and responded by putting her arms around him and kissing him back.

He then took her down the side of the pub where they carried on kissing, she told me that she could feel that he was hard as she could feel his erection through his jeans he then untied the straps on her halter top and started to squeeze her tits and played with her nipples !!!!!

I know that this really turns her on and it was no surprise when she told me that she then unzipped him and took hold of his hard cock and started to wank him this carried on until he pushed her down to her knees so that she could suck him, she did this telling me how she licked and sucked his hard cock, finally she stood up and Woody pusher her onto the bonnet of a car and lifted her skirt up he then pulled her thong off and lifted her legs up and positioned his cock between her legs..... she described how she took hold of his cock and guided it to her cunt and how he fucked her really hard and fast !!!!!

It didnt take long before she felt him coming inside her a few minutes later she realised that I would be waiting and ran round to the car leaving him at the side of the pub.

I was well hard and she was playing with my own cock as she was telling me all about it..... I couldnt resist opening her legs and licking her wet cunt tasting her juices and his come !!!!!!!

This made her cum again then I pushed my cock into her pussey and fucked her it was fantastic slipping into her wet pussey it wasnt long before my spunk was shooting up there as well !!!!!!!

She met up with Woody a few more times after that !!!