Written by Colin

22 Jan 2010

She began at the office about a month ago. She was chocolate skinned with long dark hair. On her second day I shared a table with her over lunch as she was alone and there was few other empty seats.I did the same on the third day and we chatted about work.On the fourth day I found her in the office getting ready for lunch and suggested she came to a local pub with me instead of the canteen. She happily agreed.

It seems she was glad to have made a friend. She was lonely since she had left home two months previously. We had a nice lunch and went back to work. The next day I asked her out for an evening drink. She suggested a pub on the river near Tower Bridge. We met and chatted when we left she gave a light kiss on the lips.

This went on for a week. I eventually asked if I could give her lift home but she said no. The next night she allowed me to walk her to her flat overlooking the river. It was one of those warehouse conversions.She stood at her door and gave me along kiss.

The following night I did not see her.

The night before last we went out for a meal and I was allowed a long kiss with a little tongue in the car before she went in. She also invited me for dinner at her place.

Last night I arrived at 7.30 with a bottle and some flowers. She was dressed in a white halter neck dress and looked sensational.Her place was on two floors. A sitting room overlooked the river and a kitchen diner was next door a flight of stairs led to a second floor. We sat and drank a glass of cold champagne and when we had finished she asked to be excused. She went upstairs.

Some minutes later she called me.Would I go up to her she had problem. I climbed the stair and came out on a long corridor with two doors on the left and one on the right. The two doors on the left both gave on to empty bedrooms. I opened the right hand one and was taken aback by the view of the river through a picture window. To my right was a part open door showing a bathroom and on the left was an enormous bed draped in white satin. She lay draped on the the white satin naked. This view was better than the river.

Her long dark hair was fanned over the pillows. Her small pear shaped breasts had erect nipples poking from their purplish aureoles. My gaze traveled over her flat stomach to a pronounced mound sheltering her beautifully trimmed pussy. Her long legs pointed towards me.

She said dinner was ready but I couldn't eat dressed like I was. I needed no second request to remove my clothes and join her on the bed.

She smelled gorgeous as I lay next her. I leaned over and kissed her gently. I was not expecting the response. She leaped on top of me and taking my firm cock she began to suck me off. As she was in the sixty nine slot I buried my tongue in her snatch. It tasted as good as she smelled. After some gentle lip work she began suck on me like a vacuum and I soon shot my load.She came with me and my face was covered with her honey juices. She turned round and licked me clean.

My cock was beginning to recover and found its way into her slit. She rode for a while feeling it get to full strength.

She reached between our bodies and inserted my knob into her entrance. I pushed slowly inside and felt the firmness and heat of her cunt. Slowly she began to ride me.

She grunted with each thrust. Her small breast tempted me and I sucked gently on her nipple. She was almost purring at this and gradually she increased her momentum.

I knew I was about to climax so I nipped her nipple she screamed an thrust down on me hard. I shot my load into her and felt her tense and shudder as she also joined in with her climax. We lay entwined for some long while. My flacid cock in her slit. Our juices running from her. We said nothing.

We paused for another champagne and made love all night. We rang in to work saying we were unwell and I am still in her flat as I write this. She is kneeling between my legs licking my cock as I type.