Written by Kate

12 Dec 2011

It had been a while since I saw John , almost a month in fact , you can imagine how much I’d missed him , the week leading up to out meet we made an extra effort to make the build up sexy and naughty , phone sex , naughty text messages , I even had a list of tasks to complete before our encounter.

On the Wednesday I had to play with myself , enjoy touching my soft skin , rubbing my pussy and then stop just before I came , that was exciting and frustrating at the same time !!!! Thursday during my trip to the beauty salon I had to imagine the ladies at the salon and how it would feel to undress them , kiss them and fuck them , I had to report back leaving out no details .

I told John about how I imagined being alone and naked with them , about how I wanted to feel their skin against mine , how i longed to lick and suck their nipples and feel their wet pussy , I described a fantasy in which I was kissing ‘mel’ while ‘cathy’ was licking my pussy and john was fucking her from behind , I think I completed this task exceptionally well !!!

Friday finally came which was our meet , I worse a black basque , stockings , suspenders and high heels , as I answered the door he had a camera and took a picture , I was nervous and excited at the same time ……… we spent ages just gently touching eachother slowly lips so close but not yet kissing , the build up all week made it sooooooo sexy , there was a warm feeling between my legs and my heart was racing.

He led me to my bedroom , blindfolded me and slowly removed my skirt and blouse to reveal my sexy underwear , he turned me around and ordered me to bend over the bed……. I loved being totally controlled and not knowing what to expect next , I felt the rustle of a bag and then a whip to my arse , leather I think , whatever it was it felt very naughty but very sexy too , my pussy was throbbing , I could hear the clicking of the camera which turned me on even more.

The feeling were of intense pleasure , feelings that id not experienced before , and a tiny bit of pain , which I also found a turn on much to my surprise. He whipped me for a little while then turned me around and pushed me on the bed , now kissing me , then licking , sucking and biting my nipples …….. I wanted him so much …. More than I’ve ever wanted anyone.

His head moved between my legs and , my pussy was soaking , my clit throbbing for him , he kisses and licked and it felt amazing …..i wanted him to fuck me with his fingers but he said no , he was teasing me …….. he was bringing me to the edge but stopping just before I cold come …….i begged him to fuck me , I heard another rustle from the bad then felt something big pushed up inside me ….. I did’nt know what it was but it felt great …….then I felt vibrations …… I pushed his head down hard , this time I was’nt stopping , I let out screams and moans as I had the most intense orgasm of my life

He slid ontop of me and pushed his big hard cock inside me , my legs bent over my head , he fucked me hard and fast just how I liked it , pulling my hair , fucking me , me , his naughty little play thing ….. it felt amazing I came again and again …… I wanted to feel him cuming in my pussy …… I wanted him to feel how I was feeling , he let out a moan , and I felt him gush inside me ……. I was shaking ….. completely satisfied ……. To be continued.