Written by ANALALAN

26 Jan 2008

all the lads in the office agreed that Gemma had the best arse we had ever seen, i thought that i would have no chance of ever getting close to her, she was 24, slim build , short blonde hair .it was a night after a party we all went back to my bedsit and everyone paired off or left leaving just gemma and I,i told gemma that i was going to call it a night, she lent over and gave me a kiss, so i kissed her back, she pulled me closer ,i just had to feel those tits so i did, she pulled me closer still, we fell on the floor kissing each other hard, i parted her legs with mine and started to fuck her through our jeans, she started to pull off my t\'shirt.then kissed both my nipples.we then both undressed me naked, her in her bra and panties, she then took of her bra and her tits stayed there didnt drop or move , white and with the smallest pink nipples, i lent down and took each in turn in my mouth and sucked , gemme holding my head there until she was happy, we fell back to the floor and i pushed my hand into her panties and on to her wet pussy, slipping a finger in and finger fucked her, she reached down and started wanking my cock , then moving down she took it in her mouth and wanked and sucked away, i grabbed her head and face fucked her.she stopped and lay on the floor i pulled down her panties and there it was HEAVEN she was a true blonde with neat trimmed pussy hair and her pussy lips open waiting for me, i lay on top of her and pushed my cock in until my balls stopped me going deeper, she let out a great moan has i did, i pulled back till just my knob was in her then pushed all the way back in, she moaned again and then wrapped her legs around my back so i fucked her harder, i tried to last has long as i could, thinking this would never happen again, but she was so tight i pushed in and emptied my sack in to her pussy and lay on top of her until i went limp, we moved on to the bed and fell asleep, she woke up asking where the toilet was, reaching down she pulled on her panties , i thought that that was it , i pee and she will be gone. she came back and climbed back into bed , i reached over pulled her closer and kissed and felt her all over, i was soon hard , and she knew it, i told her to turn over and she got on all fours, i reach out and pulled down her panties over her arse, then there it was her bare bottom , and WOW it was fantasic, i kissed each cheek, then i thought i would test the water and put my cock on her bumhole, she pulled away so i pulled her back, she pulled away again, put i held onto her hips with my free hand and tried again this time it just popped in and i pushed it deeper all the way in to the hilt, i waited to enjoy the feeling then started to fuck her bum , i fucked it for what seemed ages before i pushed once more and came in side her bum filling it with fresh cream,i pulled out and she stayed on all fours i then noticed she was finger fucking her pussy for all it was worth until she bucked and came, she turned over on to her back and pulled my closer, and i kissed her, she then told me that i was the 1st guy she had ever let fuck her up there, and asked me never ever tell anyone, i agreed,and we fell asleep,i had taken her bottom cherry FANTASIC i woke up with morning glory and tried to slip it in to her from behind , she turn over and climbed on top and took hold of my cock and fed it into her, but not her pussy it was going back in her arse she rode me moaning and feeling her tits has she did i then told her i was close and she smiled and told me to do it and i did i came up her bum again filling her arse once more, he climbed off , and we lay ther arm in arm, we had a bliss year together before i finished called it a day IDIOT ! i see her every now and again and there is still not an ounce of fat on her, her arse is still the best there is to see in a pair of jeans, and her hair is a little longer,,,,boy how i wish i had stayed with her,BOY HOW I MISS HER...