Written by frank_old_hippy

16 Sep 2013

I want to tell you about some fun I had with a lady called Eve. She sadly died a long time ago, so I think it's OK to relate some tales after all this time. Eve was probably one of the sexiest women I've ever met, she was small (4' 11.5" - with the .5" being important to her!), with a fantastic buxom body and massive tits. If you do a search for a porn model called Karina Hart you'll have some idea of what she looked like! She was married to a dick head called Don, who was an obnoxious, small, fat man with a tiny, tiny cock (I saw him in a swimming baths changing room once when we took our kids swimming). He was obsessed with big titted women and had tons of porn, but hardly ever shagged Eve. Eve didn't know anything about his porn stash and he always said she'd never be interested in watching (little did he know!) and was very boring in bed. I said to him once that if she was my wife I'd get her to oil her tits and just sit there every night so I could just glance over at them!

We used to see them on a social basis as Eve worked with my ex and we used to flirt outrageously for years until one day she came to a concert with me. I was supposed to take my ex, but she was unwell and it was one of her's, mine and Eve's fav bands, so Eve came with me. I picked her up from her house and didn't notice what she was wearing as it was autumn and getting dark, but boy did she smell good. When we parked the car and she got out, I couldn't help but say wow. She was wearing a tight, black vest top (which was unlike her as she normally kept her breasts covered up as she didn't like men staring at them), leather jacket and tight ass leather trousers with cowboy boots...she looked fantastic and I told her so (I reckoned then, and she confirmed afterwards that she dressed like that to impress me and boy did it work!). Her reply was that it was a pity that Don never said anything. I took her arm and we walked into the gig with Eve being stared at by loads of guys. The gig was jammed and we were out of our seats for most of the concert, dancing. Eve was drinking quite heavily, which again was unlike her, and during the last few numbers, which were slow ballads Eve stepped back and leant on me, so I put my arm around her. She tipped her head back and rested it on my chest, giving me a fantastic view, down the front of her top. My cock started to twitch and she must have felt it as she thrust her arse into my groin and started to gyrate. I soon got rock hard and she reached behind her and started to rub my cock. Now Eve was a good Catholic girl and a friend of my ex, so I never thought she'd do anything like that and I was surprised as hell! So, I thought in for a penny....and cupped one of her boobs...fuck was it huge...I'm getting a stiffy thinking about this all these years later! She then slightly turned her head and we kissed, which seemed to release the beast inside her! We snogged and groped a lot during the rest of the last few numbers and encore.

We were like school kids walking back to the car and she kept asking did I find her attractive and why would I fancy a housewife like here etc. It was so obvious that Don paid her little if no attention. I thought in for a penny...so I headed for a secluded spot I knew on the edge of town and she didn't seem to mind! I parked the car down this little country track and reached over and pulled her in for a kiss. She returned my kiss passionately and I started groping her massive left breast. She started to moan, so I pulled her vest top out of her trousers to get better access to her tits. She leant forward so I reached round and undid her bra, lifting it up causing both her huge tits to flop out. They were wonderful, big, heavy and with very big darkish areola and a small nipple (very much like another porn star's - Denise Davies). I grabbed her right tit and amazed at the weight, lifted it up and hungrily sucked and licked the nipple. Eve began to moan and writhe in her seat, so I slid my hand down her belly and started to undo her trousers. She lifted her bum off the seat and pulled them down (his was the so called boring wife her husband described). I opened her legs and discovered a lovely hairy muff and a sopping wet fanny. I started to gently rub around her fanny, slipping a finger in and then concentrating on her clitty, while all the time kissing her. She was moaning and gasping and saying that Don never did that while lifting her bum off the seat. She came really quickly and her fanny seemed to gush. She grabbed at my trousers, but I said let's undress. Watching her take her top off was sooo sexy...her big tits hanging there sooo invitingly...my cock was the hardest it's ever been. She reached over and touched it and I thought I'd go off in her hand straight away! I suggested we get into the back seat, but she said why not go outside as it was still fairly warm outside as we'd had a good Indian summer! I got the picnic blanket out and put it on a grassy bit at the side of the car and we both laid down.

I didn't want to come too quick, so I parted her legs and started to lick her clitty and fanny. She was moaning and groaning and shaking sooooo much and when she finally came, her arse lifted about a foot off the ground! I knelt up and started to insert my, by now, bursting cock into her dripping wet fanny when she said she wasn't on the pill...shit I thought as I'd brought no condoms...but she said just pull out before you come as her period had just finished! I thought I'd gone back in time to when I was a teenager as that was our main form of contraception in those days as well. So I easily slid into her and started to gently fuck her, when she said no fuck me hard! This was the good Catholic girl! So, I grabbed her waist & slammed into her, making her tits wobble all over the place. She was moaning and groaning again as I felt myself starting to cum. I asked if she'd mind me cumming over her tits and she said no. So I got her to squeeze them together as I pulled out and shot loads and loads of spunk all over her tits and some went onto her face as I hadn't cum for days. She was laughing as I squeezed out the last bit of spunk and rubbed my cock all over her tits. She said that Don had never licked her or cum over her tits and that I was only the second guy to ever have sex with her! My cock was still hard as I lay on my back & she started to play with it and told me how much bigger that Don's it was! My cock isn't enormous...5.5" on average, 6" when I'm very turned on, but it is thick. So, I felt like I had the biggest cock in the world when I asked whether she'd ever sucked one! She said no & what do I do! So, I roughly told her and she proceeded to suck on my cock (she told me afterwards that not only had she never sucked a cock before, but would have never thought of doing it while covered in her own cum!).

It was getting to the point of no return again, so I told her to stop and got her on all fours (again something she had never done before, Don had only ever fucked her in missionary). Fucking her in doggy style was fantastic as I could look round and see her huge tits dangling down and swinging as I fucked her hard. Again just as I was about to cum, I reluctantly pulled out and sprayed over her arse cheeks. I quickly rolled her over and licked her clitty again. When she came this time she said she nearly passed out with the pleasure of it. We reluctantly cleaned up and got dressed as it was getting late. I dropped her off at her house smiled as at last I'd got a taste of what I'd fantasised about for years. But, little did I know what I'd awakened!

If you guys like the story I'll tell you some more tales.