Written by Scottish_Lady

13 Jul 2007

I'm not sure why I'm writing about this, now as the story I am about to write actually happened when I was 22 (and I'm in my late thirties now) - I guess it must have made an impression on me!

When I was in my early twenties I was absolutely cock crazy! I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of guys in my local, and back then I certainly wasn't backward at coming forward...

The guys (let's call them Jim and Ross) were quite a bit older than me. They were both in their late forties. That didn't bother me, though, as I figured they would be well experienced, and would be able to keep hard for the best part of the night.

The first time I went back to their flat, we had had a few drinks in the pub first. We hailed a taxi and started making our way back. My pussy was already wet in anticipation, and I encouraged them to get their dicks out in the taxi (it was dark, of course!...).

I started teasing them, rubbing their cocks and lightly tickling their balls with my long red, nails. By the time we got back to the flat they were randy as hell and didn't take much encouraging.

I asked them to put on some porn to get us even more in the mood. I was wearing stockings, so I hitched up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and started playing with myself while they watched from the other side of the room. They just sat there watching me, their cocks getting harder; the veins looked as if they would almost explode.

When I was ready, I summoned them over to take turns about licking my clit. As I expected, their maturity paid off, and they had me gyrating in pleasure in no time. As hard as I tried, I could stop myself exploding with ecstasy. My heart was racing, and I just knew I had to get their cocks in me as soon as I could.

My fanny was hot, swollen and wringing with a mixture of my juices and their saliva. I wanted to be fucked hard, so I got down on my hands and knees so they could shag me hard from behind. While the Ross took the first turn, I asked Jim to let me lick his cock at the same time. I guess they must have been ready to cum for some time, as Ross soon filled me with his hot creamy spunk. Not a couple of minutes later, Jim pulled his cock out of my mouth, continued wanking frantically and leant back to cover my face and hair with his cum.

We carried on much like this for the next couple of hours. I was getting so randy I asked them to DP me, which was sooo intense! There's nothing to beat that feeling of two cocks in you at the same time!

What happened next was really disgusting, though! We were getting a little peckish, so we called out for a pizza. we had had a few slices, when I remembered a bukkake film I had seen. I started licking and wanking Ross and Jim once again, but when I sensed they were about to shoot their loads, I directed their cocks towards the remaining pizza. They both covered the pizza in spunk. Now given that I'm a girl that loves the taste of hot, tasty semen I picked up a slice, and much to their amazement began hungrily eating the jiz covered pizza! They were absolutely gob-smacked!

That night was certainly one to remember, and must have made an impression on Ross and Jim, as it was the first of many! I can't believe how much I looked forward to our shag-fests - getting my fanny shaved in readiness for the lickings and poundings I knew it was going to take. Those certainly were the days!

I'm now a successful business woman, and I still love getting my stockings on (usually seamed, now - well, I have grown up!) and my stilettos and taking on the blokes! I tend to limit my exploits to business trips away.

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Kate x