Written by andysig

28 Aug 2014

A true short story of a reply to an add. Im Andy a late forties straight guy with a passion for cuckold fun and games my mate Derek and I have had a bit of fun with local couples and the occasional horny single girl but this last week has opened our eyes to what some folk fantasys are. Paul replied to an add asking if we would take his wife out with us on a night out get her drunk and take her home and try to get into her knickers whilst he watched.Paul told us she was a bit shy and sex was lights out under the covers exept when she had a couple of glasses of red then she would let him be a little more adventurous.He had warned us that she may not agree to fucking us but she was a little sub and if we played our cards right we might get lucky.We thought this was a wind up but sure enough Lucy arrived spoting a rather smart business suit knee length skirt and tight white top a plain girl but a natural prity face.It was obvious from the start that this was a one drink to humor her husband then off home kinda meet. Lucy was an easy girl to chat to and surprised us by openly confessing to wanting to teach her old man not to play with fire.Four or five drinks later she was game to let us take her home for a snog and a fumble infront of Paul then we would leave and she would get on with her vinila sex life at home. A short taxi ride out to Weshill and we were outside a lovely big house lit up like a Christmas tree the guy in the corner of the living room engrossed in some computer porn whilst we quietly stroll up the drive my hand resting on Lucys arse. Lucy held a finger to her lips giggled and loosened of her blouse rucked her skirt a little so it looked like we had been fooling around in the taxi.It was at this point I noticed how hard her nipples were she was excited about this as much as Paul.We crept into the living room and Paul turned quickly trying to kill the image on the screen.Derek told him we had been watching for ten mins before we came in and it was pointless trying to hide the images of a poor girl getting fucked by three coloured guys.Lucy leand over to kiss my cheek as if to say thanks for a fun night but I caught her arm turned her to face her husband and told her to tell him in great detail what she had been doing.She blushed and to be fair had done nothing. She told Paul she had let us feel her up in the car and had strocked our cocks through our jeans.Paul looked amazed that his wife would even say this never mind do it infront of two strangers. lucy kicked her heels off dropping her bag to the floor she turned towards me and put her hands round my neck.Andy wants to fuck me she told Paul but I wouldn't do that she started unzipping my fly my hardening cock sprang out of my jeans she started caressing it wanking me till I was full erect then turned pushing her arse into me she was running her hands over her chest her skirt now covered in precum from the tip of my cock.Derek walked over grabing her blouse he pulled violently letting her tits spring forward against her tight bra.I leaned down lifting her skirt exposing her knickers and little wispy cunt hairs for my friend and her husband to see.Take your knickers off I told her in a gruff voice she looked back at me before slowly taking her pants of her head bowed I told her to give them to Paul and get back over to me.To my surprise and great delight she did trying to place her hands once more round my kneck I stopped her and told her to get on her knees and suck my now raging cock.I don't do that she said as if I was about to change my mind You don't suck his I pointed at Paul but Im not him she opened her mouth a little as if to protest then slowly ran her toung around the end of my cock before taking it in her mouth wanking me as she did so.Derek not being the shy type told her to spread her legs so he could finger her cunt she obliged pushing back against his exploring fingers.Paul went to stroke her arse and she quickly told him to go sit and watch this was what you wanted now watch. Paul sat back down released his cock and started wanking as he watch his wife suck and fuck two strangers in his living room.We had Lucy doggy style tacking turns using her mouth like a cheap whore and Paul just watched in amazement every now and again we would tell lucy to give him alittle show of her well reddened pussy.I was fucking her as hard as I could when Paul asked if he could have her when we were finished this was the last humiliation I thought before Lucy asked if we had enjoyed her company and would we like to do her again sometime.I was at the point of coming and thought as it was Pauls fantasy where would he like me to come I fully expected him to say over her face but know Do her arse fuck her arse lucy looked shocked I slowly pulled out her tight cunt slipped a finger in lubbed her arse and slowly pushed fealing her tight hole give under the preasure Three or four seconds latter I shot my load up her arse making her squeal with the force of my final thrusts Derek erupted all over her prity face what a night.as we dressed to leave Lucy was lying on her back running her finger round in cum between her arse and cunt shy I don't think so.