Written by Smooth Michael

14 Aug 2011

Following on from my post 'Introduction into cock fun' I was with my best mate at my house, after an evening at our local. We were watching porn, normal Friday evening thing we did. Being quite pissed I told him about my cock sucking encounter with a work mate.

I wasn't sure how Art would react, but was hoping for some fun. I went into great detail, recalling the feeling of a hot cock in my mouth, Art was now massaging the front of his jeans the length of his cock clearly showing. By this time my cock was rock hard, I said to Art, I am going to have wank this and released my cock, feel free to join in, if you want, I nervously said.

Art stared at my cock and said I wish my cock got that hard. Yours looks fine to me, or what I can see of it, I replied, while continuing to massage my own tool. Art stood up and dropped his jeans to the floor, his cock and bollocks swinging proudly. He began stroking his length, his foreskin slid back revealing a lovely purple head. We began wanking in unison, as he asked me how it felt to taste and swallow cum.

I told him there was nothing like it, how it was completely different to licking it out of a just fucked fanny, or transferring it orally. Art wanted to touch my cock, he was amazed at the heat and the hardness. I reached for his, he was right, his cock was hard, but still retained a softness and felt slightly cool. I began to wank him and told him that I was not surprised that his cock didn't get rock hard as it was a big bugger! On measuring them, his was 9 and a bit inches, compared to my almost 7 inches.

The porn played to itself as we started to explore each other, massaging our balls and rubbing cocks. I took the lead and lowered myself down to taste Arts cock, I soon had half his length in my mouth trying to take more in. Art stopped me, firmly gripping the base of his tool to stop himself from cumming. Fuck that was good he said, I can't believe we are doing this.

He moved forward and kissed my cock, then began licking my engorged helmet, before taking my entire length into his mouth and started to suck like a hoover! Absolute bliss! My balls tightened so much, that only there sac remained. I had to stop him, before I came off and the moment would have been lost.

I pulled away and asked if he had done this before, he hadn't, but admitted to having a strong desire to try. I told him that I wanted to suck him off and swallow his cum, He wanted to experience me cumming in his mouth. We moved so that we could suck each other and began to enjoy cock, both of us knowing that we would not last long. The feeling of doing what some may consider wrong, added to our excitement,Art began to thrust,I now had his full length, it felt amazing. I pushed my hips and Art sucked me in to the hilt, this was magic, we pumped and sucked each other, Art went rigid and I felt his hot jism deep in my throat, more and more he sucked me, I came with such force I thought I would black out.

We broke apart, sated, Art moved towards me, I could feel his hot breath on my face,his lips were on mine, before I knew what was happening we were locked in a passionate, full on tongue sucking snog, eagerly exchanging the remains of each others spunk. We broke apart, dressed, lit cigarettes and sat in a daze. That's how our girlfriends found us as they came in from their night out, my girlfriend Kaz Said you look guilty, what have you two been up to! If only she knew. Art was as keen as me to carry on with our fun, as we like to call it. I will post details of our first fuck with each other and the foursomes we had, with our, then partners, if there is interest.