Written by sing-and-swing

22 Aug 2012

This story is written by our friend Stuart whom we set up and then asked him to write the story for us so as we could publish it on here.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did (Sue).

I had just arrived to my mate’s party when I ran into his wife Susan, Susan and I have had a crazy little flirty thing going on for years but lately I had thought that it might be getting a bit more than that. My mate Andy is 51 and Susan is also 51 , they have been married for 32 years and I have been friends with them for most of that time. It probably doesn’t help that Susan is fucking sexy, shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes, she is 5ft 3 inch (approx.) and loves wearing clothes that show off her nice tits,. This night she was wearing a short summer dress which struggled to hide her black lacy bra , she looked hot and as we talked I could tell that she knew it.

The party rolled on and after a few hours of solid drinking everyone was starting to get well and truly smashed, I noticed Susan sitting across from me and kept catching her eye before she got up and walked into the kitchen, she turned and looked at me as she headed in so I got up and followed her, I walked in the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of vodka off the bench before finishing mine and pouring another one, Susan finished her wine and asked me to re fill it, as I poured the drinks Susan came and stood alongside me, I passed her drink and she took a big sip before turning and lifting herself up onto the worktop next to me I looked at her and said "Your trouble tonight aren't you" playing dumb in an innocent voice she said "I don’t know what you’re talking about" with a cheeky smile on her face, my heart began to race as I felt her hand touch my wrist and pull me towards her, our eyes locked and heads tilted towards each other until our lips touched, she kissed me slowly and passionately for a second before pulling away and having another sip of her drink like nothing had happened. We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds before I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed our little kiss but we were ok.

Susan jumped down off the bench with a big smile and said "I'll show you trouble" before walking back outside and joining the party. I knew then and there that I was doing wrong but I couldn’t stop, I wanted her.

After a few more drinks and a few sneaky looks across the party I walked inside towards the bathroom which was down a hallway at the back of the house, I stopped half way down the hall and looked back to see if Susan was behind me, a few seconds later she came around the corner and quickly grabbed my arm and led me into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind us she spun around and threw herself towards me , our hands all over each other as we kissed passionately, my heart racing as I run my hands all over that sexy body of hers our lips broke apart and she whispered in my ear "I've been waiting so long for this" we kissed again as we stumbled all over the place, I grabbed her and forced her back into the back of the door as her leg lifted to wrap around me and my hand disappeared inside her dress, her hands were ripping at my shirt until I pulled it over my head , her hands then undid my jeans and reached inside, I slipped her dress off her shoulders and she let it drop to the floor leaving her standing in front of me in just a black thong and bra, my jeans were now at my feet and my hard cock in her hand as she furiously stroked it, I reached around and unclipped her bra letting it drop to the floor as my mouth caught one her nipples, sucking on her tit she began to moan and my fingers dived inside her thong to her wet pussy I reached down and lifted her up onto the edge of the bath, as I edged my cock towards her pussy she reached down and guided it inside her, her pussy was soaking wet and as I slowly slid inside her she began to moan "Oh yes, Fuck me" she said over and again, as I got faster she got louder until she was begging me not to stop. I pulled out and dropped her to her feet before grabbing her and dragging her towards the sink, her hands rested on the edge as she looked back over her shoulder at me, her arse sitting up waiting for me to enter her pussy from behind, I eased my cock into her waiting pussy and her head dropped down in pleasure, I grabbed her hip with one hand and reached up towards her neck with the other, I started really fucking her hard and fast and she loved it, begging me not to stop and moaning like a whore "I'm going to cum don’t stop" she screamed "don’t stop , don’t stop" over and over until she arched back towards and let out a yelp before Cumming all over my shaft. my cock was ready to explode "I'm going to cum Susan" was all I could get out and with saying that Susan spun around and dropped to her knees in front of me "Cum all over me " she said as she looked up at me with that look of pleasure across her face, with my cock in her hand pumping furiously towards her face I quickly braced as I unloaded all over her mouth and chin with here wrapping her lips around my cock until my entire load was on her face or in her mouth.

I looked down at her in front of me and couldn’t believe what we just done but was still in absolute bliss of how good it was. Susan got to her feet and kissed me passionately before getting dressed and fixing herself up, I got dressed and tried to wipe all the sex off me before slipping out of the bathroom trying to avoid anyone seeing me sneaking out first. Susan waited a few minutes and then met me in the kitchen where she said "That was fucking amazing" I agreed and said I wasn't finished with her yet to which she just smiled and walked back to the party. Later in the night Susan and I were in the lounge trying not to be too obvious about what was going on but finding it hard to stay away from each other, the party had died down and Andy was passed out but there were still a few people floating around, Susan looked at me and said " Let’s go for a walk" "Ok" I replied and she led me out the front door and onto the driveway, once outside and out of view we started going crazy again and within seconds Susan’s back was against a car and my cock was in her hand, with all the alcohol and excitement we didn’t care where we were and Susan just dropped to her knees in the driveway and began to wrap her lips around my cock before shoving as much as she could into her mouth her lips stretched as I grabbed her head and began to fuck her face, choking and gagging she tried to take as much as possible before it got all too much for me and I exploded down her throat she swallowed it all then stood up and kissed me, the perfect end to a perfect night.

Susan phoned me the next day to say how she had enjoyed what we had done the previous night and to my astonishment told me that she had told Andy the full story of what had happened as they had set me up and that they had been "swingers" for a few years now.

It just goes to show that you think that you really know your friends.

They have now asked me to write this story for them as to the events of that night.

They will post it on here and then “maybe” allow me to join Susan again, if the story is liked.

I have never written this type of thing before so I hope you all enjoy it and I am then allowed to join Susan once more and hopefully write to you all again.