18 Aug 2015

This is a true story that took place in a manchester swing club called Xanadus, unfortunately it is now closed (was on Blackfriars Street I think . During the course of the evening i ad been chatting away with a couple, getting on well, almost like old friends. After around an hour of talking we decided that we would all like a little privacy to escape the quite loud music and noise of others chatting around the main room. However on venturing into the private room area no rooms were available, so dissappointed we left to return to the main room. Our disappointment was further compounded when we returned to the main room to find that all the seating was now taken. Now the venue had at one time 2 entrances, but one was now closed as it was getting late in the evening and it lead to a main road and was closed early to stop rowdy gangs of lads entering as they left the near by pubs/clubs. Any way we decided that we could have some solitude in the foyer at this now disused entrance. after chatting some more, the guy left to go get some drinks and check out to see if a room was available. \

This was the cue for things to start getting interesting, the lady stepped closer to me and as we continued to talk. I forgot to mention as a single male it was required that you wore only a towel if you intending on playing, she had a towel around her waist but had a push up bra on, the rest for the time being was a mystery. As we talked she ran her hand through the hairs on my chest, brushing my nipples and generally teasing me. The atmosphere between us was crackling with electicity and it was obvous that the desire was mutual. Nervously I ran my hands over her bra, not knowing if/when her partner would return. She leaned further forward towards me and whisphered in my ear, "I need you, and i don't care if he finds a room". by now the bulge in my towel was becoming obvious and she took no time in reaching under the towel and taking a gently grip, and purring gently she said 'take my bra off my nipples are aching to be sucked'. being the true gent i did as i was asked and gently took a stiffening between my lips started to suck. By now she had realeased me from her grasp and was sighing with pleasure and as she leaned back against the counter which had once formed the entrance kiosk i slipped the towel from around her waist and let it fall to the floor, revealing long elegant legs, clad in stockings, suspender belft and thong, a vision of beauty in most mens eyes. slowly i kissed down her smooth stomach, before moving to kiss the soft velvety skin that was exposed above her stocking tops. despite both of our arousal i was still nervous that her partner had not returned and could do so at any time.

Any doubts I had subsided as she grapsed my head and pulled me towards her by now soaking thong, the aroma of her arousal filling my nostrils and adding to my own arousal. I softly kissed her through her thong, a gasp escaping from her tense body. he legs parting slightly she leaned back further, giving me better access to her rpidly moistening pussy. My inhibitions leaving me, i pulled the thong to the side and was presented with a pefectly smooth pussy, her lips engorged with arousal but still not totally revealing the hidden treasure that lay beyond. I licked along the lenght of her pussy and savoured the taste of her juices.

becoming bolder i started to lick and probe he pussy, teassing her clit from its hood as she became even more aroused. After what seemed and age doing this, but was more than likely only a couple of minutes, her legs started to shake as her orgasm approached, i decided for safety's sake topic her up and site her on the desk before conutinuing until an orgasm racked her body. I glanced over to the door that led into the club and am faced with about 8 people all looking to watch. As she came down from her high, I mentioned that we have an audience. Great she said lets give them a real show...your turn now. at which point she dropped to the floor and knelt before me, removed the towel and began to give me the most mind blowing blow job i had ever had. Words are not enough to describe the sensation as she 1st teased my cock into a state of erection i did not feel possible. Teasing the tip with her tongue she managed to take the precum and coat my enter shaft until it was slick and glistening before taking the whole lenght in her mouth and seemingly gargling on me, sending vibrations along the length. I somehow manged to stay in control even when she reached between thighs and started to play with my swollen balls.

She must have sensed that I was close to cumming as she suddenly stopped and stood up. She looked at the door and said to me " If its okay with you i want you to take me into a room and fuck me while my partner watches and he is watching outside now and i want him to see my face as you slide inside me, but more than that i want to see his face as you make me cum, and i know you will make me cum."

we wrapped the towels around each other a made for the door. Aswe stepped through the door the gathered crowd parted and then as we started through the room they started to follow... her partner/hubby stepped forward and kissed her telling her how beautifully sexy she had been and how he had enjoyed seeing her cumming and sucking me. he also said sorry to disappoint you but all the rooms are still full so that will have to be the end of the fun.

She glanced around the room and even all the tables and chairs seemed full, as where the couches in front of the TV's playing there constant loops of porn. "Well," she said" I came here tonight to fulfill you fantasy of watching me being satisfied by another guy, and even though i have come more than once I am still not statisfied" Then directed to me "So if you are up for it lets make use of the pool table over there, cos i need a cock inside me and at least one more orgasm before I am leaving".before I could respoind she grabbed my hand and marched me over to the aforementioned pool table. Removing my towel she held out her hand to her fella and demanded give me the durex now I am gonna need it. he duely handed over the johnny and stepped back into the gathering audience as she took me in her mouth again and started to make me nice and hard before unrolling the condom over my cock. Standing up she removed her thong and bent over the table , turning to ask 'What are you waiting for, you know that I am wet enough, and I know you are certainly hard enough so get on with it and fuck me hard and fast" Whicxh is exactly what I proceeded to do, all the while feeling like some porn star lol.

for what again seemed and age we proceeded to fuck with her bent over the pool tabel and then switching positions she sat on the edge of the table whilst i fucked her in a variation of the missionary position, whilst rubbing her clit till she came at least twice more, and before i finally could not take anymore and filled the condom with copiuos amounts of cum, my balls had never felt to releaved and empty.

Hugging me she thanks me for a fantastic time and the whispered in my ear 'Don't hold your hopes out that you will ever see us here again, we only do this once at any one club, so tonight was your lucky night, but if he would let me come back you would be certain for a second chance' with that he handed her coat, he must have slipped to the locker room at some point, which she put on over her almost naked body and then they left.

We had never even swapped 1st names.