Written by citysex

10 Jan 2013

Let me share with you a completely true encounter over the xmas hols. My mate, whom i've know since uni days aprox 20 years ago invited me over for a dinner party in London at his apartment overlooking the Docklands. He is a trader and done well for himself. He recently married a gorgeous Brazilian lawyer, 6 years his junior. We're both 42 , and I'm also divorced. She always wears very little exposing her firm breasts and extremely long sexy legs.

Anyway there were many people at the party and it was thought it would be good to meet some of the ladies there.

There was plenty of drink flowing and some really high flyers attending. A few women were alone, single or either divorced. I really got on well with them and was enoying the company. This all changed when I joined Adele downstairs for a smoke. She was wearing a very tight black dress, V neck , showing her firm breasts and short enough to expose her thighs with long heal sandals. She was a bit tipsy and after a few smokes, she commented that she was surprised i'm not fucking at the moment.

Seeing her made my cock rise and she clearly saw that. She smiled and said 'bet that's gagging for some action'. Don't know what happened but I replied 'maybe for you?' She lent over , stroked my cock, kissed me and whispered 'that would be naughty ' and continued to wank me. I pushed my tonque inside her and started to rib my hand on her bum. Her breathing became louder, she spread her legs and I started to rib her shaven pusyy ending up inside her. She wore the tiniest of tongs. She was dripping of wetness. Harder she demanded and while snogging her my middle was fingering her deep.

'I want you cock' she demanded but i continued to finger her till i felt her juices on my finger and she screamed with pleasure.

We went back upstairs and couldn't my eyes of her while having a throbbing cock. She came over a bit later once most people were extremely drunk , my mate was busy with is work colleagues and she signalled me to one of the bedrooms.

As soon as we entered, we snogged again, but this time, my jeans soon down, she bent over and and I entered her from behind. The thrill of hearing other people just outside and her soft moaning had me fucking her fast and deep. 'come oinside me' she whispered and it wasn't long before i shot all my spunk deep inside her.

She turned around, knelt down and suck the rest off very quickly. I icked and bit her hard nipples and snogged again . We left separately.

Since then we have had FACETIME sex and numerous text sex.