Written by bmwman

22 Dec 2015

Last week , an email came around for a night and a catch up of old friends going back 10 years. I decided to attend and it turned out be a very early xmas treat . I'm a succesful property developer , 45yrs old , keep myself fit and inbetween relationsships.

It was really good to catch with some old friends and some I hadnt seen since our college days. We all updated each other over several drinks. I was driving , so was on mineral water . Two young ladies caught my eyes, I remembered them very quite and reserved in their youth . They grew up and turned into two sexy ladies , full of personailty and dressed to kill.

With my luck ,I sat in between both of them at the dinner table. Both sipping away on wine and as usual taking selfies and pictures of the rest of the group. I was invited to join in and taking this oportunity , had my arm around of them , with my hands tightly on their waists . Linda , who I was attracted to most , had the tighest bosy, exposing her lovely breasts with a v neck top and short skirt, showing her tomed legs and high heels.

In my of her selfie, she came really close to me and i felt her breasts on my chest . It gave me an instant hard on. To my delight and surprise , after taking the pic, she rested her hand on my leg. In between chats , we exchanged our phone pics of hols and again we became very touchy. Her hand went back n my thigh , this time while chatting , she began to stroke it . I just smiled and did the samer on her thigh . She smiled back with approval . Her hand was now moving up my groing and with her little finger she stroked my cock . It was rock hard and she just looked at me and winked. The other 6 had no idea and were busy with their drinks, selfies and chats.

I took this sign and slowly glided my hand up her skirt and on her thigh. Stroking it softly . Her whole hand was on my cock wanking it while chatting to Micheal across the table. I was on fire but kept myself reserved. She was an expert giving me a soft wank in my jeans. I moved up a bit and felt her wet panties and started with ny index finger , slipped it in her soaking wet pussy . It was shaven and she moved her legs for easier entry .

She leaned over and whispered , let's leave it for later and gave me another hard wank before stopping . I was hard all evening . She moved away and started to mingle with others , i took this oportunity too . We moved to a wine bar / dance place in the city and danced away the night .

I offered to drop her off , she lived 15 mins away . But instead drove to a local blind spot at a supermarker carpark. As soon as we stopped, we snogged each other deep and long. Moved in the back of my BMW and had her half naked . She leaned back and I pulled her tong away and started to lick her pussy . It was very moist and soon began to soak with juices , I also pushed my two fingers into her .She was moaning with pleasure . She pulled my jeans off and exposed an extremely throbbing 8ich of meat . She wanked me more .

I playe safe and postioned her on my lap . She guided herself on my cock and immediately started to ride me hard . I held her thighs for suport and guidance . She was like a wild sex crazed lady , screaming with each stride . I moved with her , fucking her hard . It continued for a few minutes until she screamed my car's roof down with her orgasm and continued to fuck me till i cum too , not long after .

We snogged again , hugged and got dressed . I dropped her off around the corner of her house .

I'm meeting her again after the xmas break .