Written by the good husband

22 May 2015

I'm Barry,I am 45 and my wife Sharon is 35. until last weekend we had never been to a swinging party of even swapped but had fantasised about it for quite some time. We had told each other about our fantasies and promised to give them serious consideration one day but never had the bottle to do anything about it.

The closest thing we have done is joint a few swinging sites and sent photo's of Sharon with just a mas to hide her face. We had a great response and could have had lots of fun. But a few weeks ago Sharon finds a web site that specialises in what they call quiet sex. The basic idea is for women who fantasise about having sex with a man but never knowing who he is or what he looks like.

The idea is that she lays on a mat, naked with with either a cloth on her face or a mask so she can't see.

Well Sharon was so excited at the idea she told me that was her no 1 fantasy so as a birthday present I arranged it for her. I sent photographs and she was accepted immediately.

I didn't tell her anything about it until we arrived at the hotel. You could swear she had just won the lottery.

The next evening we went to the house where they meet and was introduced to quite a few people who do the same thing.

It was surreal, it was a very old and large house with soft lighting. Sharon wasn't too sure she wanted me to watch but there was no way I was going to miss out. When the time was right my wife was led to a room and after about 15 min I was told I could go into the quiet place.

It was a large room with dark drapes on the walls and thick rugs on the floor and there was my wife lying naked, her head on a pillow with a woman covering her naked body with oil.

It was so hot, her large breasts gleaming due to the oil, her nipples already rock hard. I just wanted to go over and fuck her but that would have spoilt it. A few min later 5 guys walk in and take off their robes.

What seemed a good idea an hour ago didn't seem so clever now This was the first time she would have been with anyone since we married.

The five of them knelt around her, stroking her body, caressing her breasts taking it in turns to kiss her. They teased her body with feathers and silk cloths and I saw her quiver as she came with just that. Then they moved around and one guy, a big dark skinned, bald guy with a huge thick cock knelt at her feet, opened her legs and kissed her tummy.

His fingers slipping into her before he licked her pussy.

Sharon was groaning and arching her back, squeezing her nipples only to have her hands moved by one of the men who took over for her.

I sat and watched him move from her pussy to her stomach and listed as my beautiful wife let out a deep long groan as this stranger slipped into her.

As I sat there I watched her take hold of two of the other guys cocks, tossing them off and panting and groaning as this dark, tanned man fucked her, making her body shudder with each thrust, my wife still blindfold moaning.

Then one of them whispered in her ear, all I could hear was her agreeing almost begging. And whilst the one chosen to fuck my wife arched his back so he could suck her breasts the others took it in turns to feed their cocks into her mouth, first one then the other.

It was all I could do not to cum myself when something was said and the other four sat round her head, they're cocks being run over her head and face, her mouth and tongue trying to find them.

Her fuck buddy was banging her harder and harder, her legs round his waist when he slowed and whispered again in her ear. I'm not sure what he said but she almost begged him to do it telling him 'yes please oh fuck please yes. The others whispered to her and again she pleaded with them. My sexy wife, by now covered in sweat was in ecstasy as his thrusting got harder and harder the two of them grunting. I assumed he would pull out of her but I watched as this stranger ejaculated into my wife appearing to cum again and again and she arched her back having a long and deep orgasm. The other four knelt at her side and wanked themselves over her, each cuming over her face and her heaving firm breasts. Then they where gone.

The same girl who covered her in oil came back and helped her wipe herself down.

As strange as this sounds, its the best thing we ever did and I would recommend it to anyone.

We intend to return but maybe I won't watch next time.